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ALTV 4WD Acmat

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ALTV 4WD ACMAT Light Tactical Vehicle
The Acmat French Company has developed unrivalled expertise in the field of military tactical vehicles. Its ongoing innovation policy combined with tens of patents it has filed has enabled Acmat to provide numerous customers with the benefit of vehicle well know for their performance and hard wear. The French Company ACMAT present at IDEX 2009 is new light tactical vehicle ALTV, available in simple and double cab. The ACMAT ALTV is designed to incorporate high tactical mobility with high maximum road speed and optimal off-road and cross-country performance. It has a good protection levels against anti tank and anti personnel mines. The ACMAT ALTV vehicle forms a common platform, which can be adapted for various roles and mission requirements including: personnel carrier, border control, reconnaissance, patrol and more. This highly mobile off-road 4x4 light tactical vehicle combines a payload capability of up to 1,4 tone with the capability to provide ballistic and mine protection. The ALTV can be used for logistic and Special Forces units, with a high level of cross country capability. The ALTV is air transportable by plane and suitable for parachuting. Many versions of this 3.5 tonne gross weight 4-wheel drive liaison vehicle are available. The 1.3 tonne payload capacity enables up to ten people to be carried. Finally, ACMAT has developed a protected version (ballistic and mines). These vehicles are designed for deployment to sensitive areas where the need for protection is particularly high.
- ALTV 4WD Simple Cab : 2 seats cabin, and 2 x 4 seater benches.
- ALTV 4WD Double Cab : 4 seats cabin, and 2 x 3 seater benches
- ALTV Check-Point : the rear side of the vehicle is fitted with a 360° circular station, with no roof but with armour plates around the gunner.
- ALTV Torpedo: the crew cab is removed and replaced with open-top as Special Forces and reconnaissance vehicle.
Technical Data
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The ACMAT ALTV can be fitted with weapons support, mounted to the back sides of the vehicle, as 12,7 mm machine gun circular station, 7,62 mm swivel stations or 40 mm grenade launchers.
Design and Protection
The ACMAT ALTV can be fitted with a double or a simple cabin, for the simple cabin, the main part of the vehicle is fitted with two seats. The back side of the vehicle is composed by a multi-role flatbed, which can be used as personnel carrier, cargo or for shelter. When the vehicle is used as personnel carrier, 2 x 4 seated benches are available. The layout of the ACTMAT light vehicle is conventional, with the engine at the front. Driver and passenger sit immediately behind the engine, 8 passenger seats or cargo area at the back. The ACMAT ALTV offers also a ballistic protection Level B4+ - DIN EN.1522/1063 and an anti-mine protection Level 1 - STANAG 4569. The back side of the vehicle is fitted with non-slip steel floor and roll bars to mount a canvas cover.
The ACMAT Defense ALTV is a 4-wheel drive vehicle with an extremely robust chassis and a proven engine (Euro 1 to Euro 5), designed for mobile light army and police units.The ALTV is motorized with a Turbo Diesel 2.5 liter with a manual gearbox with 6 forward and 1 reverse or automatic gear box with 5 forward and 1 reverse. The ALTV can run at a maximum speed of 170 km/h with a range of 1,600 km. The ALTV is based to a 4x4 light jeep chassis, with a rear rigid axle with limited slip or differential interlock.
The ACMAT ALTV is equipped with run flat device Anti-mine VF1 - Finabel A20A, front and rear light with blackout function, and a 24 volt pre-equipment kit for radio communication. The ACMAT ALTV is also equipped with a spare wheel mounted under the chassis. A winch is mounted to the front of the vehicle. It offers a range of equipment (manual or automatic gearbox, simple or double cabin, station wagon, open-back torpedo, etc.), tailored to the needs of the customer.
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12,7 mm machine gun circualr station, swivel station for 7,62 mm machine gun, or 40 mm grenadee launchers.
Country users
Designer Company
Spare wheel, runflat device, water tank.
2 +10
Level B4 for ballistic protection and Level 1 for mine protection
3,500 kg
170 km/h
1,600 km
Lenght: 5,30 m; Width: 1,90 m; Height:, 1,77 m
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