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T-64 MBT

T-64 Main Battle Tank - Russia

T 64 Main battle tank russian mbt 001


The T-64 is the second generation of Soviet-made main battle tank introduced in the early 1960s. It introduced a number of advanced features including composite armor, a compact engine and transmission, and a smoothbore 125-mm gun equipped with an autoloader to allow the crew to be reduced to three so the tank could be smaller and lighter.

T-64 variants:

- T-64A or Ob'yekt 434 – 125-mm gun, "gill" armor skirts, a modified sight, and suspension on the fourth road wheel.
- T-64AK or Ob'yekt 446 (1972) – Command version, with an R-130M radio and its 10 m (33 ft) telescoping antenna, a TNA-3 navigation system, without antiaircraft machine gun, carrying 38 rounds of main gun ammunition.
- T-64B or Ob'yekt 447A (1976) – Fitted with redesigned armour, 1A33 fire control system, 9K112-1 "Kobra" ATGM system (NATO code "AT-8 Songster"), TPN-1-49-23 sight, 2A46-2 gun, 2E26M stabiliser and 6ETs40 loader. Later B/BV models have more modern systems 1A33-1, TPN-3-49, 2E42 and a 2A46M-1 gun. From 1985 the T-64B was fitted with stronger glacis armor; older tanks were upgraded with a 16-mm armor plate. Tanks, equipped with the 1,000 hp 6DT engine are known as T-64BM
- T-64BV – Features "Kontakt-1" reactive armor and "Tucha" 81-mm smoke grenade launchers on the left of the turret.
- T-64BM2 or Ob'yekt 447AM-2 – "Kontakt-5" reactive armour, rubber protection skirts, 1A43U fire control, 6ETs43 loader and able to fire the 9K119 missile (NATO code "AT-11A Sniper"), 5TDFM 850 hp (625 kW) engine.
- T-64U, BM Bulat, or Ob'yekt 447AM-1 – Ukrainian modernization, bringing the T-64B to the standard of the T-84. Fitted with Nizh reactive armor, 9K120 Refleks missile (NATO code AT-11 Sniper), 1A45 Irtysh fire control, TKN-4S commander's sight, PZU-7 antiaircraft machine-gun sight, TPN-4E Buran-E night vision, 6TDF 1,000-hp (735 kW) engine. T-64U is one of 2 variants of the modernization program in the 1990s, while Bulat is the most recent modernization from 2004.
- T-64B1 or Ob'yekt 437 – Same as the B without the fire control system and "Kobra", carrying 37 shells.
- T-64B1M – T-64B1 equipped with the 1,000-hp 6DT engine, redesigned turret and improved armor. Modernization program from the 1970s (resulted in T-64AM, AKM, BM and B1M; note that BM is not the same as T-64BM "Bulat" from 2004). Never entered mass production.
- T-64BK and T-64B1K or Ob'yekt 446B – Command versions, with an R-130M radio and its 10-m telescoping antenna, a TNA-3 navigation system and AB-1P/30 APU, without antiaircraft machine gun, carrying 28 shells.
- BREM-64 or Ob'yekt 447T – Armoured recovery vehicle with a light 2.5-tonne crane, dozer blade, tow bars, welding equipment, etc. Only a small number was built
- T-Rex - Ukrainian T-64 concept with an unmanned turret, intended to counter the new Russian T-14 Armata MBT

Technical Data

Weapon Systems
Main Armament:  125mm smoothbore gun D-81T / 2A46
Ammunition:  Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS)
Second Armament:  1 x PKT MG coaxial & 1 × NSVT MG anti-aicraft
Ammunition:  7.62mm for the PKT & 12.7mm for the NSVT
Missile:  Kobra (AT-8 Songster)
Other:  902A "Tucha-1" smoke grenade launcher in two groups of four, on each side of the gun
Crew:  3
Standard Armor:  370-440 mm of RHA against HE rounds and 500-575 mm of RHA against HEAT rounds
Add-On Armor:  N/A
Passive Armor:  N/A
Active Armor:  N/A
Active Protection System:  N/A
Engine:  5TDF Diesel developing 700 hp.
Transmission:  Synchromesh, hydraulically assisted with 7 forward and 1 reverse gears
Suspension:  Six small dual roadwheels with the drive sprocket at the rear, idler at the front and four track-return rollers
Speed:  60 km/h
Cruising Range:  600 km
Crossing Capacity:  Gradient: 60% - Side Slope: 40% - Vertical step: 0.8 m - Trench: 2.85 m
Amphibious Capacity:  1.0 m without preparation - 5.0 m with preparation
Fire Control:  Computerized FCS 1V517 Tank Ballistic Computer
Laser Rage Finder:  N/A
Night Visions Systems  TKN-3V thermal sight for commander, TPN1-49-23 for the gunner
Day Vision Systems  1 x TPNO-16 & 2 x TPNA-65
NBC Protection System  Yes
Radio Systems:  Yes


Type Crew
Main Battle Tank 3
Service Since Number in service
1976 N/A
Weapons Traverse Weapons Elevation
360° +14° to -6°
Dimensions Weight
Length: 6.54 m; Width: 3.41 m; Height: 2.17 m 38,000 kg
Country producer Countries user
Ukraine - Russia Russia - Ukraine - Uzbekistan

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T 64 Main battle tank russian mbt 002 T 64 Main battle tank russian mbt 002
T 64 Main battle tank russian mbt 002
T 64 Main battle tank russian mbt 002

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