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M-84 MBT


M-84 MBT

Main Battle Tank

M 84 main battle tank MBT Yugoslavia Serbia 925 001


The M-84 is a Yugoslav variant of the Soviet-made T-72 Main Battle Tank (MBT) produced under license in Yugoslavia. The production of the tank began in 1983 and it entered into service in 1984. Currently, the M-84 is in service with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kuwait, Serbia, and Slovenia. In fact, the M-84 MBT is based on the Soviet-made T-72 but with many new improvements including a new computerized fire control system, ballistic data sensors and a day/night sighting device incorporating a laser range-finder, second-generation image intensifier, a new Diesel engine developing 1,000 hp, and new armor package. The layout of the M-84 seems very similar to the T-72 with minor differences in the external features of the turret, with a bank of six electrically operated 81 mm smoke grenade dischargers on either side of the turret and a meteorology sensor mast on the forward part of the turret roof to the immediate rear of the 125 mm gun; the absence of infra-red searchlights and the sighting device case indicate significant differences inside the turret, particularly in respect of the fire-control system.

M-84 MBT variants:

- M-84A (Yugoslavia): An upgraded version similar to the Soviet T-72M1 but with a significantly more powerful engine and additional armor plating. It comes with the new SUV-M-84 computerized fire-control system, including the DNNS-2 gunner's day/night sight, with independent stabilization in two planes and an integral laser rangefinder. It also comes with the TNP-160 periscope, TNPA-65 auxiliary periscope, and DNKS-2 day/night commander's periscopes, as well as the TNPO-168V driver's periscope. Produced between 1988 and 1991, closely analogous to the M-84AB. Roughly 450 vehicles were manufactured including the M-84AB.
- M-84AB (Yugoslavia): Kuwaiti version of the M-84A. Additionally, the M-84AB is fitted with new communication and intercom systems. The Kuwaiti 35th Ash-Shahid (Martyr's) Armoured Brigade, armed with several dozen M-84ABs, took part in Operation Desert Storm. During the fighting, only two M-84AB's were lost, but both were later recovered. Kuwait originally ordered over 200 tanks but received only 150 before the break-up of Yugoslavia and the resulting end of its production. All instruments are translated into English/Arabic language.
- M-84ABN (Yugoslavia): The M-84AB is fitted with land navigation equipment.
- M-84AK / ABK Command Tank (Yugoslavia): M-84AB version is fitted with extensive communication equipment, land navigation equipment, and a generator for the command role.
- M-91 "Vihor" ("whirlwind") (Yugoslavia): Further development of the M-84, with the main focus, is improving the tank's firepower by installing modern optics and developing improved APFSDS shells. The turret was also redesigned, and some sources claim that a new 1200 HP engine was planned. At least 2 prototypes were made before the outbreak of the civil war.
- M-84A4 Sniper (Croatia, Slovenia): This version includes the all-new SCS-84 day/night sight, DBR-84 ballistic computer, and improved elevation and traverse sensors. Croatia purchased around 40 of these models from 1996 till 2003 from its domestic factory. As rumored, these tanks have a different engine of German origin, rated at 1,100 hp instead of the 1,000 hp powerplant originally installed, but this information has never been officially confirmed. A Racal communication suite also replaced the older communication set. As of 2008, the entire Croatian M-84 tank fleet was upgraded to the M-84A4 standard.
- M-84AI armored recovery vehicle (Yugoslavia and Poland): During the mid-1990s Kuwait requested an armored recovery vehicle variant of the M-84A tank as part of the deal to buy a large batch of M-84A tanks. The vehicle had to be developed in a very short time so it was decided that it should be based on an already working foreign vehicle rather than designed and built independently. The Polish WZT-3 license was bought and Polish parts were used in the M-84AI project completed in the "14th October" Factory in Kruševac. There was also a plan for an M-84ABI for Kuwait, but this idea failed. It is armed only with a 12.7mm machine gun fitted to the commander's hatch and 12 smoke grenade mortars (8 right and 4 left). Standard equipment includes a TD-50 crane, a front-mounted stabilizing dozer blade, and main and secondary winches.
- M-84AS (Serbia): Upgrade package of the M-84A. Adding a new fire control system, new armor consisting of the cylindrical pad, high-hardness steel, titanium, aluminum, and NERA as well as modular Kontakt-5 armor, new AT-11 Sniper and Agava-2 thermal sights, and the Shtora defense suite. The first public appearance of the M-84AS was in July 2004 at the Nikinci military base. It appeared to be very similar to the Russian T-90S, both in appearance and in capability. The differences reportedly consist of better armor on the T-90S, whereas the M-84AS has superior maneuverability. The M-84AS was also tested by Kuwaiti Army as part of an international tender. It can also survive multiple hits at relatively close ranges from ATGM's or other hits from tanks. New thermal imaging cameras were mounted for the commander and driver so that the tank can operate at night. It is fitted with the 125 mm 2A46M smoothbore gun and a 1,200 hp diesel engine giving a maximum speed of 72 km/h. In addition, there were a number of undisclosed Arab countries that are interested in the purchase of the M-84AS.[citation needed]
- M-84AS1 (Serbia): Latest Serbian variant in a prototype stage. Adds additional armor, including explosive reactive armor, an integrated day-night sighting system with a thermal imager, a command information system, a soft-kill active protection system, a new radio system, a Remote-controlled Weapons Station with 12.7 mm machine gun, and CBRN protection equipment. Additionally, a domestic-developed 1200 HP engine was proposed but was not accepted yet.
- M-84D (Croatia): This variant brings existing M-84 variants to the M-84D standard, equipped with a new 1,200 hp (895 Kw) engine and new RRAK ERA armor. The M-84D is equipped with a Rafael Defense System – Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station, and a new Omega ballistic computer (Slovenian Fotona-made digital ballistic computer). M-84A4 and M-84D have an operational range of 700 km and a maximum speed of 65 km/h. The M-84D has also a 15% faster autoloader, meaning an additional shell being loaded making the rate of 9 shells per minute instead of 8 shells per minute.[21] The M-84D is a second version of the upgraded tanks. It has also chains on the back of the tank to protect the engine and has SLAT armor around the ammunition to prevent an ATG or a shell from hitting it. M-84D received a few additional upgrades, Turret basket was added to provide extra space for extra ammunition and to provide increased armor protection. Turret basket has additional slat armor, which adds additional armor to the exterior of the tank. M84D and M84A4 are to receive 12.7mm Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapon Stations which are to be integrated onto all M84D and M84A4 tanks. M-84D will also feature LIRD-4B – Laser irradiation detector and warner and LAHAT anti-tank missiles. There is a potential for integration of a Swiss 120 mm compact gun developed by RUAG. This option is being now seriously considered as this would allow Croatia to use NATO 120 m standard ammunition. 120 mm RUAG compact gun is a preferred option over the German Rheinmetall L44 120 mm cannon which is more expensive and would require German support, whereas RUAG will provide technical know-how and technology transfer to Đuro Đaković specijalna vozila d.d. Only two Croatian tanks have been upgraded to this standard due to budgetary restraints.

Technical Data

Weapon Systems
Main Armament:

one 125 mm 2A46 smoothbore gun similar to the Soviet-made T-72, one 7.62 mm caliber M86 machine gun, one anti-aircraft 12.7 mm M87 heavy machine gun

the tank carries 42 rounds of which 22 are for ready use in an automatic loader. Type of ammunition APFSDS-T (Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot), HE-FRAG High Explosive - Fragmentation(FS), HEAT-FS (High-explosive anti-tank ).
Second Armament:  One coaxial M86 machine gun, one anti-aircraft M87 machine gun
Ammunition:  7.62mm for the M86 & 12.7mm for the M87
Missile:  the latest version can fire the AT-11 Sniper anti-tank guided missile
Other:  six electrically operated 81 mm smoke grenade dischargers on either side of the turret
Crew:  3
Standard Armor: multilayer armor consisting of steel, aluminum, titanium, and other materials
Add-On Armor:  N/A
Passive Armor:  N/A
Active Armor:  the latest variant is fitted with Kontakt-5 ERA explosive reactive armor with 
Active Protection System:  N/A

V-46TK 4-stroke, 12-cylinder multifuel liquid-cooled diesel, with two turbo-compressors for supercharging, developing 1,000 hp at 2,000 rpm
Transmission: two sides epicyclic gearbox with 7 forward and 1 reverse gears, hydromechanical control

torsion bar suspension on each side consists of six road wheels with the idler at the front, a drive sprocket at the rear, and three return rollers supporting the inside of the track only.
Speed:  65 km/h maximum road speed
Cruising Range:  500 to 700 km
Crossing Capacity:  Gradient: 58% - Side Slope: 47% - Vertical step: 0.85 m - Trench: 2.8 m
Amphibious Capacity:  1.2 m without preparation - 5.0 m with preparation
Fire Control:  Computerized firing control system
Laser Rage Finder:  Yes
Night Visions Systems  Yes
Day Vision Systems  Yes
NBC Protection System  Yes
Radio Systems:   Yes
Other automatic fire extinguishing system, front-mounted dozer blade, camouflage, mounting points for mine-clearing kit


 Type  Crew
 Main Battle Tank  3
 Service Since  Number in service
 1984  500
 Weapons Traverse  Weapons Elevation
 360°  +13º 47'/-6º 13'
 Dimensions (Hull)  Weight
 Length: 6.86 m; Width: 3.57 m; Height: 2.19 m  42,000 kg
 Country producer  Countries user
 Yugoslavia  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kuwait, Serbia, and Slovenia

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M 84 main battle tank MBT Yugoslavia Serbia line drawing blueprint 925 001
M 84 main battle tank MBT Yugoslavia Serbia front view 001 M 84 main battle tank MBT Yugoslavia Serbia rear view 001
M 84 main battle tank MBT Yugoslavia Serbia left side view 001 M 84 main battle tank MBT Yugoslavia Serbia right side view 001

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