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2T Stalker

2T Stalker Minotor-Service Reconnaissance armoured vehicle
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The 2T Stalker is an armored reconnaissance vehicle developed as a private venture by the Belarusian Company, Minotor Service with some Russian assistance. The first operational prototype was presented in 2000. At the IDEX 2003, the International Defense Exhibition od Abu Dahbi, Minotor-Service made a dynamic presentation of the 2T Stalker. The 2T Stalker can hold a crew of five; commander, gunner, driver and two scouts. The ammunition, fuel, water and rations carried by the vehicle provide for a continuous autonomous vehicle and crew operation without logistic support. Belarusian army is understood to have an initial requirement for a small batch of 2T Stalkers, however it is not yet in service. This vehicle is also being offered on the export market, but there have not been any orders yet.
Variants :
No variants at this time
Technical data 
The 2T Stalker is armed with a stabilized 30-mm cannon and a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun. A unique feature of this armored reconnaissance vehicle is that it carries not only two Ataka (AT-6 Spiral) anti-tank missiles, but also two Igla (SA-18 Grouse) anti-aircraft missiles on retractable launchers. Some reload missiles are carried inside the hull. There is also a 30-mm automatic grenade launcher. Vehicle is capable of carrying additional equipment, comprising land mines and special equipment pods. The fire control system ensures simultaneous engagement of two targets, e.g. an armored threat by the anti-tank missile, and infantry by the automatic grenade launcher.
The 2T Stalker has a mine-protection comparable to that of the main battle tanks. The front armor can withstand 35-mm rounds. However Belarusian designers consider that it's primary protection provisions are high speed and maneuverability. The vehicle is fitted with a multi-level protection system. The primary protection provisions are speed and manoeuvrability. Then comes reduced radar, infra-red and optical signature. The low visibility in the radar band is provided by a special hull shape and the use of special materials and coating. One of the thermal protection features is the use of passive night vision devices. Another level of protection is ensured by a self-protection and laser-warning suite. As the vehicle is exposed to laser radiation, the crew is notified about it, and smoke flares are fired in the direction of the radiation source. Finally, the armor protection. The crew is protected from 35mm rounds through the frontal arc. The vehicle anti-mine protection is equal to that of the main battle tanks.
This armored reconnaissance vehicle is fitted with a diesel engine, developing 740 horsepower. It has a maximum range of 1 000 km, furthermore ammunition, water and rations carried by the vehicle provide continues operation without logistic support. Vehicle uses a high-speed tracked chassis. Some of the chassis and automotive components are those used in the Russian 2S6 Tunguska air defense system. A Hydropneumatic suspension can be lowered for vehicle to crouch behind terrain while moving at low speed. It is worth mentioning that the 2T Stalker is capable of making 10 m ramp-jumps.
During the backward motion the can use a rear-view TV-camera. Except the ammunition for its main armament the vehicle is capable of carrying additional equipment comprising land mines and special equipment pods. The 2T Stalker surveillance equipment is a brand new multi-channel day/night optical electronic suite.
One 30 mm 2A42 gun, one coax machine gun PKT 7,62 mm, 2 twin launchers with 4 ready-to-launch missiles, 2 anti-aircraft missiles launcher, one 30 mm grenade launcher.
Country users
Belarus prototype
Designer Company
Various seats configuration.
2 + 3 soldiers
27,400 kg
115 km/h
1,000 km
Length, 7,77 m; Width, 3,38 m; Height, 2,5 m
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