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WS-1B 302mm MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System
WS-1B 302mm MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System data sheet specifications information description intelligence pictures photos images video China Chinese identification army defense industry military technology China National Precision Machinery Corporation CPMIEC

The WS-1B is a Chinese-made 302mm MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) designed and manufactured by China National Precision Machinery Corporation (CPMIEC), based in Beijing, China. The WS-1B is an upgraded version of the WS-1 which have a significant increase in range with 100 km (WS-1) and 180 km (WS-1B). According to the manufacturer, the WS-1B takes about 20 minutes to prepare for action with information being transmitted from the DZ-4B firing command truck to the MF-4 rocket launcher vehicle. The system can operate up to a maximum height of 3,000 m above sea level and in ambient temperatures from -30 to +45ºC and with a relative humidity of up to 98 per cent (at 15ºC). It can also operate with a wind velocity of up to 8 m/sec and in rain or snow of 3 mm per hour. The Turkish Company Roketsan has developed a local-made version of the Chinese WS-1B with some operational requirements of the Turkish armed forces.

- WS-1: 100 km of maximum range
- WS-1B:
180 km of maximum range
Technical Data
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The rockets launcher system is mounted at the rear of a wheeled 6x6 truck chassis with four tubes in two lines. The four-round launcher is mounted on a turntable at the rear of the chassis with an elevation range of 0° to 60° and azimuth range of -30° to +30°. Manual controls are also provided. In firing position, four stabilizers are lowered to the ground hydraulically to provide a more suitable firing platform. One of these is mounted either side to the immediate rear of the cab with the other two stabilizers mounted at the very rear of the chassis.

The 302 mm unguided surface-to-surface rocket consists of the warhead and its associated fuze, FG-43 solid-propellant rocket motor and the tail section with its four fixed fins. The rocket can be fitted with four types of warhead: blast fragmentation, incendiary blast fragmentation, fuel air explosive and anti-personnel & armor piercing dual purpose. The ZDB-2 blasting warhead is loaded with steel balls and prefabricated fragments. The SZB-1 sub-munition warhead is designed to destroy large area targets such as armour formation and infantry troops.
The WS-1B is based on a 6x6 truck chassis Mercedes-Benz or Taian TAS-5310. The truck is equipped at the front with a two doors fully enclosed cabin. At the rear of the crew cabin, there is one small shelter for additional crew members.
System configuration
Typical configuration for one MLRS WS-1B battery is as follows:
- 1 Command vehicle (DZ-4B). The command truck contains the fire-control computer and simulation trajectory system, global positioning system, gyro theodolite direction system, infra-red ranging system, radio communication and data transmission system.
- 6 or 9 launcher vehicles (MF-4B)
- 6 or 9 loading and transportation vehicles (QY-4B)
- 1 Meteorological measuring vehicle (Type 702)
- 40/60 rockets for each launcher vehicle
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4 or 8 launch tubes 302 mm calibre
Country users
China and Turkey
3 soldiers
Digital firing computer system
Weight rocket
708 kg
Firing Range
80 - 180 km
Modified Mercedes-Benz 6x6 or Taian TAS-5310 6x6
Weight vehicle


Speed Truck
80 km/h
Range Truck
600 km
No armor protection
Engine truck
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