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OT-64C Skot-2AP

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OT-64C SKOT-2AP Armoured vehicle personnel carrier
SKOT-2AP OT-64C armoured vehicle personnel carrier technical data sheet specifications description information pictures photos images video identification intelligence  Poland Polish army defence industry military technology
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Polish modification of Czech OT-64C with a new anti-aircraft WAT turret armed with 14.5 mm heavy machine gun. The turret had higher elevation for its armament and therefore could be used to fire at air targets. The turret has the new CGS-90 sight. This vehicle was known in the West as OT-64C. This vehicle is not in use to the Polish Army.
Armament   Armour
One KPV machine gun 14,5 mm caliber and one coaxial machine gun.PKT 7,62 mm caliber.   6 to 13 mm maximum..
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