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PVP MO Panhard Armoured vehicle for law enforcement
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At the Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security, Milipol 2009, the French Company Panhard presents for the first time his new PVP MO, especially adapted for law and order missions. This PVP MO retains all the qualities of the vehicle designed for the army and integrates a law and order maintenance kit to carry out a wide range of security missions, as surveillance, crowd control, intervention or even VIP transport. One of the most important characteristic of the PVP MO is its roomy interior. The architecture has been designed to give as much space as possible for the crew. The PVP MO can carry four equipped crew members. Inside the PVP MO, there are palces to store ammunition for the different systems, allowing crews to carry out prolonged missions. The PVP MO is a 5-tonne class of protected vehicle, the small size of the vehicle enables him to circulate downtown easily.
Variants :
Panhard has developed a large range of PVP variants.
Technical data 
The PVP MO is equipped with a Chou-K multi-grenade launcher, capable of launching non-lethal ammunition more than two hundred metres. This system is implemented very simple to the vehicle's roof hatch. The PVP MO ensures is own protection via tear gas dispensers located on each corner of the vehicle and operated from the dashboard.
The PVP MO has undergone very exhaustive ballistic protection studies and tests. The steel and aluminium armour-palting provides NATO 2 Stanag protection ( against 7.62 mm caliber) which is rare on vehicles for this tonnage. A great deal of care has been taken to integrate the threat presented by improvised devices. Thanks to this protection, the PVP MO is very suited to use in the new theatres of operations.
The PVP MO is motorised with a IVECO turbo Diesel engine 160CV. Its powerful engine and automatic gearbox also make it easier to drive on rough terrain with good cross coutry capacity. The PVP MO can run at a speed of 120 km/h, for a range of more than 800 km.
The PVP MO is fitted with a bull bar, a searchlight operated from inside of the vehicle and the appropriate means of communication and command. The walls of PVP MO are fitted with rails which can be used to install equipment or change the configuration of the vehicle. The PVO MO is also equipped with an adjustable tyre pressure system who is controlled from inside the vehicle. The PVP MO can be transported by aircraft as C130.
Chou K Grenade launcher
Country producer
France pro
Designer Company
Adjustable tyre pressure, gas dispensers, searchlight
4 soldiers
NATO 2 Stanag, protection against 7.62 mm caliber
5,355 kg
120 km/h
800 km
Lenght, 4,33 m; Width, 1,9 m; Height, 2,8 m
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