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PARS 8x8


Wheeled armored combat vehicle Turkey

PARS 8x8 FNSS wheeled armored combat vehicle Turkish Turkey defence industry military technology 001


The PARS 8x8 is a wheeled armoured combat vehicle developed, designed and manufactured by the Turkish Company FNSS. PARS is designed not only to have a high level of ballistic and mine resistance, but also carry a variety of weapon stations and provide a high internal volume, which allows for a full complement of infantry soldiers with all of their equipment.

PARS 8x8 variants:

-PARS 6x6: Same vehicle but with a 6x6 chassis. The vehicle can carry only six fully equipped infantrymen at the rear.

Technical Data

The PARS 8x8 can be fitted with a full range of weapons systems including manual ring mount machine gun station or remote weapon station with light or medium caliber weapons. A variety of weapons can be installed on the roof, such as a 7.62 or 12.7 mm machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. The PARS 8x8 can be also equipped with one or two man turret armed with 25mm automatic cannon.
Design and protection
The hull of the PARS 8x8 consists of a composite aluminium and steel armour that provides a protection for the crew and infantry against firing of small arms 7.62 mm armour-piercing attack through a full 360°. The vehicle is also protected against mines and IEDs threats. In option, the PARS can be fitted with an add-on armour package to increase protection. One of the most significant features of the PARS vehicle is situational awareness. A unique feature is that the vehicle commander and driver sit side-by-side. The driver and the commander are seated at the front of the vehicle, both with flat-panel displays all information about the status of the vehicle. There is three large day periscopes at the front position of driver and commander and one on each side that provide excellent visibility. Eight infantrymen can be seated at the rear of the hull on individual seats down each side of the hull facing inwards. All shock-absorbing seats are fitted with five-point seatbelts as standard. Back of the driver and commander position, there is an access passage to the troop compartment at the right side of the hull. The troops leave and enter the vehicle via a large hydraulic ramp mounted at the rear of the hull. To allow for PARS to be rapidly re-configured for different operational roles, all members of the PARS family have a removable roof so that it can be quickly converted for a wide range of specialist roles.
The PARS 8x8 is motorized with a EURO 3 Diesel engine with a power of 550 hp. coupled to a fully automatic transmission with 6 forward and 1 reverse gears. The diesel power pack is mounted to the rear of the driver and commander position on the left side of the hull. An important feature of PARS is its very high mobility that comes from its newly developed active pneumatic independent suspension system. The vehicles are equipped with independent suspension at all wheel stations, providing commonality between each station, thereby reducing logistics and improving life-cycle costs. PARS's centralized engine location, made possible by the suspension design, provides for a very adequate passage to and from the rear of the vehicle. The PARS 8×8 features steering on all eight wheels. The PARS 8x8 can run at a maximum road speed of 100 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 700 km. The vehicle can climb up to 60% gradient and vertical obstacle of 0.7 m, move on 30% side slope and cross a trench of maximum 2m.
For enhanced visibility, there are two thermal cameras, one at the rear and one at the front which provides images to improve situational awareness. The PARS 8x8 is fully amphibious propelled in the water at a maximum speed of 8 km/h by two water jets mounted on each side at the bottom rear of the hull or 3 km/h with the tires. Standard equipment of the PARS 6x6 includes anti-lock braking system (ABS), central tire inflation (CTI) and run flat tire inserts, self-recovery winch, and integrated survivability suite.


Armament Armor
 One 7.62/12.7mm machine gun or a 25mm cannon  12.7mm AP resistant.
Country users Weight
 Turkey  - Up to 27,000 kg with the 25mm cannon
Designer Country Speed
Turkey  100 km/h on road
 8 km/h on water
Accessories Range
 ABS, central tire inflaton, run flat tire insert, self-recovery winch
 two thermal cameras and CCD
 700 km
Crew Dimensions
2 + 8 soldiers Lenght: 7.98 m; Width: 2.91 m; Height: 2.32 m max.

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 PARS 8x8 combat armored vehicle FNSS technical data sheet specifications description information intelligence identification pictures photos images video Turkey Turkish army vehicle defence industry military technology
PARS 8x8 FNSS wheeled armored combat vehicle Turkish Turkey defence industry military technology front side view 001 PARS 8x8 FNSS wheeled armored combat vehicle Turkish Turkey defence industry military technology rear side view
PARS 8x8 FNSS wheeled armored combat vehicle Turkish Turkey defence industry military technology left side view
PARS 8x8 FNSS wheeled armored combat vehicle Turkish Turkey defence industry military technology right side view

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