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Gefas Rheinmetall

Gefas Rheinmetall Modular multi-purpose armoured vehicle
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To make them a match for a new, more demanding mission spectrum, the armed forces of today and tomorrow need a highly mobile, universally deployable vehicle, combining superb survivability with maximum flexibility. First unveiled by Rheinmetall Defense at Eurosatory 2006, as a wooden mock-up, GEFAS demonstrates a distinctive shape, impressive protection level and innovative, modular design. GEFAS stands for "Geschuetztes Fahrzeug System" or "Advanced Protected Vehicle System". It is designed to provide high level of protection and will be easily reconfigurable to accommodate various mission specific modules.
Variants :
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Technical data 
The Gefas Rheinmetall can be fitted with a remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 12,7 mm machine gun.
The modular design means that various elements can be mixed and matched to form a multitude of different vehicles. In its basic configuration, the vehicle consists of a main module, a power module and two axel modules. Front and rear modules carry the headlights and tail lights. Thanks to its innovative design, the Gefas offers a unique level of protection for a vehicle in its weight class.
The Power Module contains all power generation equipment, including the diesel engine, cooling, filtration and electrical generation and power management units, fuel and exhaust. MTU and ESW are developing the power module, based on the MTU 4R890 diesel engine, a 10 cylinder version of this engine already powers the Puma infantry fighting vehicle.
The modular design enables mission-optimized configuration of the complete vehicle, Measuring 2.55 meters in width, as wide as a standard commercial truck, Gefas can be transported in military airlift aircraft like the C-130 and A-400M.
Remote controlled weapon station armed with weapons up to 12,7 mm in calibre.
Country users
Germany prototype
Designer Company
Rheinmetall Defense
Grenades launchers
V shaped structure, protection against small weapons
17,500 kg
100 km/h
1,000 km
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