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LMV Casevac

LMV Casevac Iveco Defence casualty evacuation Light Multirole armoured vehicle
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General information
Current asymmetric operations impose very different demands on medical teams from conventional war. In theatres such as Afghanistan, forces are much more dispersed, with patrols operating sometimes many kilometres from their base. Often the local operations room will have to control numerous patrols deployed at the same time. In order to provide an effective CASEVAC system, patrols are frequently constrained to the distance which can be reached by a helicopter in less than one hour. Patrols and small convoys normally include a CASEVAC vehicle, which must be as well protected as the other vehicles in the formation and which must possess sufficient mobility to facilitate the extraction of casualties, often under fire. Iveco Defence Vehicles has built on the remarkable commercial and operational success of its Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) to develop a CASEVAC variant which will meet this demanding requirement. Currently deployed in Afghanistan by four different nations, LMV is well regarded by its users, and its high levels of protection and mobility have already saved numerous lives. The Italian and the Spanish Army have already taken delivery of a number of these LMV CASEVAC vehicles.
Variants :
Technical data
The LMV CASEVAC crew compartment is based on the “crew cell” concept, and provides a high level of survivability to the occupants. The two crewmembers and the medical compartment are housed in a steel and composite crew cell providing protection up to STANAG Level 2 both against ballistic and mine threats. Specific solutions to address IED threats have also been adopted, and the use of energyabsorbing seats further enhances the protection levels provided. The LMV CASEVAC ability to allow immediate care to be provided even in higher threat areas enables it to operate within patrols and convoys, or in support of operations, and its protection must therefore be as good as that of the vehicles which it is accompanying.
The Iveco CASEVACis motorized with a 140 KW(HP) power engine coupled to an automatic or a mechanical gearbox with with 6 forward gears and 1 reverse.
The LMV CASEVAC allow the installation of a variety of lifesaving apparatus, besides providing sufficient space to allow paramedic personnel to work comfortably on the one strecher case and two seated casualties which can be transported on board.
Country users
Designer Company
Iveco Defence Vehicles
lifesaving apparatus equipment
STANAG 2 (protection against small calibers and mine blasts)
110 km/hr
600 km
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