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Anti-structure tandem rocket launcher weapon - Sweden

AT 4CS AST ant structure tandem weapon rocket launcher system Sweden 925 001


The AT4CS AST is an anti-structure tandem weapon that has special internal ballistics allowing to be fired from confined spaces; tight jungle, in front of obstacles, or even with its own troops in close vicinity. Using the AT-4CS AST the dismounted soldier has a unique weapon to effectively take advantage of the building structures of the urban battlefield and at the same time deny the enemy that same advantage. The AT-4 CS AST rocket launcher is manufactured by a Swedish Company.

AT4CS AST variants:

- AT-4 HEAT: the basic version
- AT-4 CS HP: CS for Confined Space and HP for High Penetration warhead
- AT-4 CS AST: CS for Confined Space and AST for Anti-Structure Tandem

Technical Data

AST (Anti Structure Tandem-warheads):
Designed for urban warfare where a projectile heavier than the HEDP AT4 is needed. Two warheads, the first one a HEAT with a shallow cone resulting in less penetration but a wider hole, and a second follow-through high-blast warhead. It has two settings: one for destroying bunkers and one for mouse holing a building wall for combat entry.
Launcher and Sight
The AT4CS AST sights are iron sights and are similar in concept and use to those on assault rifles. The launch tube includes a forward grip, flip-up sights with an adjustable rear sight, and a trigger button.
The AT4CS AST is based on the same manufacture as the basic model AT-4, only the ammunition used changes. AT4CS AST combines the firepower of the tandem warhead with the ability to fire from confined spaces and other narrow firing positions. Where conventional shoulder-launched weapons would force the gunner to leave cover for a more open and exposed firing position, the unique internal ballistic design of the AT4CS AST systems allows maximum use of the protection offered by the urban environment. Through the setting of the mode selector, the AT4CS AST is optimized to defeat a multitude of targets characterizing the urban environment ranging from building structures to light armored vehicles.
Combat Use
The AT-4CS AST is preloaded with a specially developed AST (Anti-Structure Tandem) warhead. The tandem warhead of AT-4CS AST is designed to be able to defeat a large number of different targets, ranging from an enemy position behind heavy brick or reinforced concrete walls to an enemy within a field fortification or in a light armored vehicle. Depending on the gunner's choice of fuze setting using the weapon mode selector, the main charge will either detonate in the building wall or in the room behind, creating a new point of entry.


Type Caliber
Light anti-structure tandem weapon  84 mm
Country users Transport Box
? - L1105xW420xH260 mm
- Weight (2 pcs): 33 kg
- Unit Load (16 pcs): 254kg
Designer Country Lenght
Sweden 1 m
Weight Armor Penetration
 8.9 kg building, fortification
Operator Muzzle Velocity
1 205 m/s

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