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SA-24 Grinch 9K338 Igla-S


SA-24 Grinch 9K338 Igla-S MANPADS

Man-portable air-defense missile system - Russia

SA 24 Grinch 9K338 Igla S 9M342 missile portable air defense missile system manpads Russia Russian 925 001


The SA-24 Grinch (Russian name Igla-S 9K338) is the latest generation of Russian portable air defense missile systems. The SA-24 Grinch Igla-S is a further development of the Igla family systems (SA-18 and SA-16). In 2004 the Russian army adopted the new MANPADS - Igla-S (sometimes called "Igla-Super") which is much more sophisticated and efficient in countering air threats. Serial production of the "Igla-S" ("Needle-S") portable antiaircraft missile complex (PAAMC) is conducted at the Degtyarev factory in the city of Kovrov. The "Igla-S" PAAMC by its capabilities is significantly superior to the "Igla" PAAMC, which entered service in 1983.

SA-24 Igla-S variants:

- 9K32 Srela-2 SA-7
- 9K32M Strela-M Sa-7b
- 9K34 Strela-3 SA-14 Gremlin
- 9K310 Igla-1 SA-16 Gimlet
- 9K38 Igla SA-18 Grouse
- 9K310-1 Igla-1M

Technical Data

The Igla-S (SA-24 Grinch) system comprises:
- Combat equipment including the 9M342 missile and the 9P522 launching mechanism
- Maintenance equipment, including the 9V866-2 mobile test station and the 9F719-2 test set
- Training facilities
- Night firing devices
The launcher unit 9P522 fires the missile 9M342. The effectiveness of the 9M342 missile against air targets is attributed to the increase weight of the explosive in the missile's warhead and to the impact/proximity fuze enabling the missile to kill the target both in the event of a direct hit and when it passes at a distance of up to 1.5 m from the target. The target engagement has increased to 6 km compared with the 5.2 km of the Igla (SA-16 / SA-18) system.
9M342 missile for SA 24 Igla S MANPADS Russia Russian army defense industry details 925 001
9M342 missile for SA-24 Igla-S
When engaging slow or straight-receding targets, the operator tracks the target with the iron sights in the launch tube and applies a half-trigger. The shooter then pulls the trigger fully and immediately applies lead and super elevation. This method is called manual engagement. An automatic mode, which is used against fast targets, allows the shooter to fully depress the trigger in one pull followed by immediate lead and super elevation of the launch tube.
The 9V866-2 and 9F719-2 maintenance facilities can be used to check the missile and the launching mechanisms of the Igla and Igla-1 MANPADS. The 9P522 launcher can be used to fire the Igla and Igla-S portable SAM system. The 9M342 missile can be mounted on different platforms using control equipment and launching modules of the Strelets (9S846) set.
Combat use
The SA-24 Grinch Igla-S man-portable air defense missile (MANPADS) system is designed for use against visible targets such as tactical aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles, head-on or receding, in the presence of natural (background) clutter and countermeasures. The SA-24 Grinch Igla-S features high effectiveness and increased range against small targets, such as cruise missiles and remotely piloted vehicles. The SA-24 Grinch Igla-S is able to engage targets at night


Armament Type of targets
One 9M343 missile tactical aircraft, helicopter, UAV and cruise missile
Country users Missile
Brazil, Iraq, Libya, Russia, Venezuela. Weight: 10.8 kg
Weight Warhead: 2,5 kg
Warhead type: HE Fragmentation
Flight speed: 570 m/s
Altitude: 10 - 3,500 m
Combat Weight Reaction Time
17 kg ready to fire 5 to 10 sec.
Target engagement Guidance system
500 to 6,000 m Passive IR homing device and night vision (operating in the medium IR range)
Operator Dimension missile
1 Length: 1,63 m

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SA-24 Grinch 9K338 Igla-s portable air defense missile system technical data sheet specifications information description pictures photos images identification intelligence Russia Russian army
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