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IRIS-T SLM Diehl Defence

Medium-Range Air Defense Missile System - Germany

IRIS T SLM short range air defense missile system Diehl Defense Germany 925 001


The IRIS-T SLM is the medium-range version of the IRIS-T SL air defense missile system designed and produced by the German company Diehl Defense. The system provides comprehensive 360° protection against aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and guided weapons. It enables simultaneous engagement of multiple targets from very short to medium-range within extremely brief reaction times. Different multi-function radar systems can be integrated into the IRIS-T SLM air defense system. IRIS-T SLM is suited for both mobile and stationary deployment. The IRIS-T SLM missile system was test fired at the Overberg test range in January 2014 and the qualification was completed in January 2015. On October 19, 2022, Diehl Defense announced the delivery of the IRIS-T SLM to Ukraine in collaboration with Airbus and HENSOLDT. A second Iris-T SLM was delivered to Ukraine on April 16, 2023. According to a statement published by the Estonian Ministry of Defense on May 21, 2023, Estonia and Latvia are set to begin negotiations with Diehl Defence, a German arms producer, for the acquisition of the Iris-T SLM air defense system. During an interview with the newspaper "Welt" on June 22, 2023, German Brigadier General Christian Freuding, who serves as the Head of the Situation Center Ukraine within the German Ministry of Defense, confirmed Germany's commitment to strengthen Ukraine's air defense with 2 additional IRIS-T SLM air defense systems. On October 13, 2023, the Dutch MoD (Ministry of Defense) announced the delivery of two additional IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine. On December 1, 2023, the Republic of Latvia concluded an agreement with the German defense company Diehl Defence for the acquisition of the IRIS-T medium-range air defense system.

IRIS-T SLM variants:

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Technical Data

Missile Launcher
The IRIS-T SLM launcher unit is based on a MAN 8x8 truck chassis with eight missile container launchers mounted at the rear of the truck. The missile container launchers arrangement consists of two banks of four missiles. In the firing position, the container missile launchers are erected in the vertical position at the rear of the truck.
The IRIS-T SLM missile is based on the IRIS-T air-to-air guided missile that entered into service with the German Air Force in December 2005. IRIS-T has a high-resolution infrared seeker with a wide field of view enabling airborne engagement at close and very short ranges, but interception at greater distances as well. The target can be assigned by onboard radar or the pilot’s helmet visor. State-of-the-art image processing technologies ensure precise control in real-time with optimal accuracy as well as excellent EMC resistance also covering modern blinding lasers. Simultaneously, thrust vector control provides unrivaled maneuverability allowing the engagement of targets behind the aircraft. IRIS-T’s exceptional precision in combination with a radar proximity fuse also permits the interception of adversaries’ missiles. The missile of the IRIS-T SLM is equipped with a more powerful engine. The missile uses additional radio command guidance (combined with inertial-satellite correction) in the main trajectory section with infrared CNS type IIR target acquisition in the final section. It integrates an imaging IR seeker, dogfight-optimized rocket motor, wings, and a combined aerodynamic and thrust vector control. The seeker-assisted radar proximity fuse and the large warhead give the missile a remarkable antimissile capability. Predictive flight path tracking and lock-on-after-launch features enable the missile to engage targets in the rear hemisphere as well. The IRCCM and DIRCCM capabilities of IRIS-T are unmatched and the missile literally needs no maintenance. IRIS-T is a state-of-the-art fire-and-forget short-range air-to-air missile with unrivaled close in-combat and intercepts performance. The missile has the capability to destroy aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, anti-ship missiles, anti-radar rockets, and large-caliber rockets. it also has a high probability of a killing shot against UAVs and other small maneuvering threats. It has a maximum firing range of 40 km at an altitude of up to 20 km.
All the components of the IRIS-T SL including the launcher, radar, and command post vehicle are mounted on MAN SX44 6x6 or MAN SX45 8x8 truck chassis. It has a payload capacity of 14 - 16 t. The truck is powered by a MAN D2066 LFG 10.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine, developing 440 hp. It meets EURO 4 emission requirements. The engine is located behind and under the cab. The layout allowed to a reduction of the overall height of the truck. The engine is coupled with a fully-automatic 6-speed transmission. Maximum road speed is electronically limited to 90 km/h. The truck is designed to keep pace with tracked combat vehicles across any terrain.
Command and Control Vehicles
A battery of IRIS-T SLM includes three truck-mounted launcher trucks, a multifunctional radar for target detection and tracking, and a command post truck. The initial tests used Saab Giraffe radar, but in 2014, demonstration shooting was conducted with Australian multifunction radar CEA Technologies CEAFAR with AFAR The BMD-Flex control and communication system by Danish company Terma A/S and the Oerlikon Skymaster combat control system by Rheinmetall Air Defense were used. For Ukraine, the IRIS-T SLM battery was delivered with the HENSOLDT multifunctional radar TRML-4D and the Integrated Battle Management Software Fire Control (IBMS-FS) for the tactical operation center from Airbus.
IRIS T SLM short range air defense missile system Diehl Defense Germany details 925 001


Type Weight Missile
Medium-range air defense missile system 87.4 kg
Country users Length Missile
Ukraine 2.94 m
Designer Country Speed Missile
Germany Mach 3
Warhead Range Missile
High Explosive Fragmentation Up to 40 km
Guidance System Radar and Command Vehicles
Infrared homing Saab Giraffe radar, multifunction radar CEA Technologies CEAFAR, Terma A/S and the Oerlikon Skymaster combat control system, multifunctional radar TRML-4D, Airbus Tactical Operation Centre

Details View

 IRIS-T SLM Launcher Vehicle
IRIS T SLM launcher truckair defense missile system Germany 925 001
The launcher vehicle is based on a MAN SX45 8x8 10-ton military truck chassis with eight ready-to-launch missile containers, each carrying one missile. 
 IRIS-T SLM TRML-4D multifunctional radar
IRIS T SLM Hensoldt TRML 4D G Band radar air defense missile system Germany 925 001
The cooperation between Diehl Defence and HENSOLDT within the framework of IRIS-T SLM involves the multifunctional radar TRML-4D and the optional passive radar Twinvis, in addition to the launcher with missiles and the command center. The radar allows you to detect targets at a range of 120 km for fighter aircraft and 60 km for a supersonic missile in the 360-degree sector.
 IRIS-T SLM Tactical Operation Centre
IRIS T SLM AirbusTactical Operation Center air defense missile system Germany 925 001
Diehl Defence in collaboration with Airbus has developed the Tactical Operation Centre. It features Diehl fire control computers and Airbus Integrated Battle Management System software.

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