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HQ-9 Air Defense Missile System

Medium-to-Long range active radar homing surface-to-air missile - China

HQ 9 medium to long range air defense missile system China Chinese army 925 001


The HQ-9 is a medium-to-long range air defense missile system designed and manufactured in China by the Defense Company CPMIEC (China Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation). The HQ-9 system is designed to track and destroy aircraft, cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, and tactical ballistic missiles. The system was unveiled for the first time to the public during the military parade for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The HongQi 9 development began in the early 1980s, initially based on the U.S. Patriot air defense missile system that China obtained via an unknown third-party country. Like the Patriot, the HongQi 9 uses a ‘Track-Via-Missile’ (TVM) terminal guidance system and was originally designed to be launched from a Patriot-style slant-positioned box-shape container launcher. Turkey could be interested in buying FD-2000, the export version of HQ-9.

HQ-9 air defense missile system variants:

- FD-2000: export version of HQ-9 with Anti stealth capabilities.
- FT-2000: with a passive homing-all-the-way variant of the HQF-91 LR-SAM, which operates in conjunction with a ground-based DWL-002 passive surveillance system (PSS), which has been developed by CETC International Co Ltd.
- HHQ9: naval version
- HQ-9A: Upgraded version, first tested in 1999 and service entry in 2001.
- HQ-9B: with extra range and dual seeker.
- HQ-9C: Currently under development, incorporating active radar homing mode

Technical Data

The launcher erector truck (TEL) has four missile containers. In firing position, the missiles containers are placed at the vertical to the rear side of the truck, two stabilizers are deployed at the rear and center of the chassis.
Design and protection
The HongQi 9 (HQ-9) is a two-stage missile. The first stage has a diameter of 700 mm and the 2nd stage 560 mm, with a total mass of almost 2 tons and a length of 6.8m. The missile is armed with a 180 kg warhead, has a maximum speed of Mach 4.2. and has a maximum range of 200 km up to an altitude of 30 km. The missile has a proximity fuse with an effective range of 35m, which goes active when the missile is 5km away from its target. The thrust vector control (TVC) of HQ-9 is the most obvious visual identification that distinguishes it from S300V: TVC of HQ-9 is exposed and thus can be observed from the side, while TVC of S300V is not exposed. The HQ-9's guidance system is composed of inertial guidance plus mid-course uplink and active radar terminal guidance systems.
The missile containers are mounted on a Chinese Taian TAS-5380 8x8 truck chassis which is based on the Russian truck the MAZ-543. The TAS-5380 is powered by an air-cooled diesel engine.
A battery of HQ-9 consists of 6 TEL trucks linked to an HT-233 3D C-band mono-pulse planar phased array radar, under the control of a TWS-312 battery command post. The HT-233 engagement radar has always been regarded to be a derivative of the Russian 30N6E Flap Lid / Tomb Stone series, sharing most of the basic technology in this design. It operates in the 300 MHz bandwidth and has a detection range of 120 km and a tracking range of 90 km. The radar can detect targets in azimuth (360 degrees) and elevation (0 to 65 degrees), and is capable of tracking some 100 airborne targets and simultaneously engaging more than 50 targets. Several search radars can be used with HQ-9, including anti-ballistic radars and anti-stealth radars, as the search radar Type 305B, the low altitude radar Type 120, the search radar Type 305A, the passive radar YLC-20 and the passive radar DWL002.
In the Chinese Armed Forces, an HQ-9 battery includes a command vehicle, six control vehicles, 6 targeting radar vehicles, 6 search-radar vehicles, 48 missile-launch vehicles, and 192 missiles; plus a positioning vehicle, a communications vehicle, a power supply vehicle and a support vehicle. A battalion reportedly contains 8 missile launch vehicles.


Type Armament
Medium-to-long range surface-to-air missile systems Four missiles in an individual container
Country users Range missile
China, Algeria, Morocco, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Minimum 500m; Maximum 200km; or 30km against ballistic missile
Designer Country Guidance System
China TVM semi-active radar homing
Warhead Radar and Command station
180 kg HT-233 engagement radar, H-200 mobile engagement radar, Type 120 low altitude acquisition radar, Type 305A 3D acquisition radar, Type 305B 3D acquisition radar.
System reaction time Dimensions vehicle
10 sec. Length: ? m; Width: ? m; Height: ? m

Details View

HQ 9 medium to long range air defense missile system China Chinese army details 001
HQ-9 TEL Truck Erector Launcher
H 200 HQ 12 KS 1A Mobile Engagement Radar China Chinese army defense industry 925 001
 H-200 mobile engagement radar
Type 120 low altitude acquisition radar for HQ 9 aiR defense missile system 925 001
Type 120 Low Altitude Acquisition Radar
Type 305A 3D acquisition radar for HQ 9 air defense missile China Chinese army defense industry 925 001
Type 305A 3D Acquisition Radar
Type 305B 3D acquisition radar for HQ 9 air defense missile China Chinese army defense industry 925 001
Type 305B 3D Acquisition Radar

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