Milipol 2021: Haltbrac Défense showcases BAAVA mobile anti-terror barriers

At Milipol 2021, Haltbrac Défense presents their BAAVA anti-terror barriers. BAAVA is the only manufacturer whose equipment has been subject to an actual attack during an event and prevented it.
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BAAVA 156 VL (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The BAAVA 156 VL barrier creates a load transfer into the ground: it turns horizontal momentum vertical. Its stopping distances are unparalleled in certification crash tests.
It is the only barrier certified IWA 14 and PAS 68 offering stopping distances of under 10 metres for a 3.5 tonnes vehicle at 48 km/h.

With a total stopping distance of 5.5 metres in certification crash tests, the BAAVA 156 VL is currently the safest most effective barrier. Plus, during the certification crash tests, the BAAVA 156 VL proved that it does not shatter but stays in one piece, guaranteeing optimal levels of protection.

The BAAVA 156 VL is mobile barrier on retractable castors, thus complying with France’s VIGIPIRATE anti-terrorism measures which require speedy access for emergency vehicles. Set-up is quick, easy and tool-free.

In September 2018, the Féria des Vendanges festival in Nîmes (France) was attacked by a ram vehicle. A car tried to drive up onto the terraceof a brasserie where around 50 people were seated at tables. The driver tried to force his way trough, despite the presence of BAVAA barriers. This makes BAVAA 156 the first barriers to have proven their effectiveness in a real life situation during an actual attack.