FN Herstal unveils FN Smart ProtectoR for police forces and security agencies

FN Herstal, the main international player in the field of kinetic energy intermediate force capacities with nearly 25,000 FN 303 systems in service, presents its brand new FN Smart ProtectoR concept at the MILIPOL 2021 exhibition, a totally innovative concept thanks to which the Belgian manufacturer offers a credible alternative to launchers of defense bullets and electric pulse pistols, over short and very short intervention distances.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
FN Smart ProtectoR (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The FN Smart ProtectoR is an integrated, portable and compact solution that responds, in complete safety and proportionately, to an unarmed threat at short and very short ranges. The system presented at MILIPOL 2021 consists of three complementary elements:
* an FN 306 launcher
* an FN VictoR-SP image recognition system
* a red dot sight

Equipped with a 5-tube magazine, the FN 306 launcher fires 12.55 caliber FN SP cartridges with an elastomeric projectile. This material, specifically designed for this level of strength, is intended to drastically reduce bodily risk. Both the cartridges and the caliber are innovations signed by FN Herstal.

The effect of the FN 306 and its cartridges is similar to that of a defensive stick (30 joules). With a clear advantage for police forces and security agencies: being able to neutralize the individual or group of individuals up to 10 meters away while ensuring excellent precision. Unlike some intermediate force means available on the market today, no safety distance is required.

Associated with the FN 306, the FN VictoR-SP is an innovative security assistance system that captures and analyzes in real-time the images of an environment to recognize human forms, and specifically characterize the parts of the body (authorized area, restricted zone). If a shot exclusion zone such as the head is recognized, the system informs the shooter or renders the shot inoperative.

By working on this concept, FN Herstal pursues the objective of offering the forces of police and security agencies, an efficient and secure solution that will allow them to respect the physical integrity of the individual or group of individuals concerned. The FN Smart ProtectoR concept, patented by FN Herstal, is now based on the FN 306. FN Herstal does not, however, rule out extending it to other mid-force weapons in its current and future range.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
FN Smart ProtectoR (Picture source: FN Herstal)