MILEX 2019: AGAT showcases the KSHM R-185 command vehicle

At MILEX 2019, AGAT showcases a scale model of the KSHM R-185 command vehicle. This is an exclusively domestic product that incorporates the most advanced developments and technologies of the organizations of the State Committee for the Military Industry.

milex 2019 agat showcases r 185 command vehicle

Creation of the command and staff vehicle (KSHM) R-185 "Epoch" began in 2016 at JSC "AGAT-SYSTEM" with the active participation of representatives of the military department, and within a year the promising development was successfully tested and was highly appreciated by specialists during the joint strategic exercises of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation "West-2017".

R-185 "Epoch" is a ground mobile object based on a wheeled armored floating chassis, equipped with communication facilities and officials' workplaces and intended to provide communications in the interests of controlling units in the tactical level of combat management, performing peacetime tasks and eliminating emergency situations.

As the base chassis, the developers took the BTR-60MB2, which was modernized by Belarusian enterprises, as a basis, which develops a maximum speed on the highway - 80 km / h and afloat - 9 km / h. Cruising on the highway - 500 km.

At the same time, a large amount of space in the reserve allowed to accommodate a wide range of modern communications and other equipment.

KSHM R-185 provides education for up to three simplex or one duplex and one simplex VHF radio channels using radio stations R-181-50VU-2, R-181-50TU of its own design (communication range in motion - up to 25 km, parked (on the mast ) - up to 50 km), as well as one simplex HF radio channel using the R-181-100BK radio station of its own design (communication range in motion - up to 75 km, parked (at the mast - up to 350 km) and one DMR radio channel using radio station "Maple".

The R-185 also allows the formation of one simplex VHF radio channel at a distance of up to 120 km and one simplex HF radio channel at a distance of up to 450 km with aircraft.

Reception, processing, storage and display of information can be carried out at 4 stationary automated workplaces and one remote workplace of officials.

In addition, Epoch provides reception and transmission of speech and data over wired, HF and VHF radio channels from fixed and remote workstations, internal office and external telephone communications, as well as reception and transmission of secret information using encryption equipment.

Belarusian designers have successfully implemented in the product an integrated power supply system (SES). With the help of the tools that make up the SES, the equipment is supplied from the industrial AC network 380V, from the diesel generator set AD-2-P / 28.5-1VM1, two series-connected rechargeable batteries of the guaranteed power supply GX12-100, the electrical power take-off installed on one of the chassis engines. Power consumption does not exceed 2000 watts.