Russian army creates material to hide military equipment in snowy areas

The Roselectronika holding company, belonging to the Rostec group, presented its latest novelty: a material absorbing the waves emitted by radars for snow-covered areas, which makes it possible to reduce the detection range of military equipment.
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Russian paratroopers of the Ulyanovsk guards air assault formation at the Polyvno training ground, April 2020 (Picture source: Russian MoD)

In military usage, soldiers often either exchange their disruptively-patterned summer uniforms for thicker snow camouflage uniforms printed with mainly-white versions of camouflage patterns in winter, or they wear white overalls over their uniforms. Some armies have made use of reversible uniforms, printed in different seasonal patterns on their two sides. Vehicles and guns are often simply repainted in white. Many various forms of material or paint schemes have been developed with more or less efficiency. Thermal camouflage has become the main research line for a couple of years.

As Roselectronica said, the new material it has developed is durable and withstands climatic impacts at low temperatures. This new feature reduces the detection range by radar reconnaissance stations as well as by radar tactical aviation control stations and enemy attack helicopters from 3.5 to 4 times. The material has a reflection coefficient of 0.5%. It, therefore, absorbs 99.5% of the radars' electromagnetic radiation, and the reflected wave does not allow them to identify and recognize a masked object, thus transforming it into a kind of snowdrift.