Plasan from Israel has delivered Sandcat Spear 120mm mortar carrier vehicle to undisclosed customer

Israeli Company Plasan has delivered to undisclosed customer a batch of SandCat 4x4 protected vehicles configured as Spear 120mm self-propelled mortar carrier. The company continues to build and delivers to national and international customers despite the Coronavirus crisis.
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A Plasan Sandcat Spera 120mm mortar carrier vehicle ready to be delivered to an undisclosed customer. (Picture source Plasan)

Founded in 1985, the Israeli company Plasan is a global leader in offering safer vehicle environments and survivability solutions for defense and security forces. Plasan solutions offer high-end protection and mission readiness for defense and security vehicles while reducing operational costs. With extensive battlefield experience and expertise in automotive systems, and materials, the company delivers solutions to support even the most complex vehicle and team missions.

The SandCat is a series of a light armored vehicle based on a commercial Ford F-Series chassis. Approximately 700 SandCat vehicles have been produced since 2004, and the vehicle is used 16 countries across five continents by military and security forces. The SandCat has been designed to perform a wide range of military and Police/internal security-related missions. The original SandCat featured a four- or five-seat protected crew citadel, this having two doors on each side plus two rear doors in the crew citadel that open into an open-topped rear storage area.

The hull of the SandCat is made on a lightweight composite material and unique cabin designs ensure added protection, which does not come at the expense of added vehicle weight or reduced performance.

The fourth-generation of SandCat was unveiled in June 2018 during the Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris and is described by the manufacturer as having a more flexible and modular architecture. The fourth generation of SandCat vehicles is available in three baseline configurations as a troop carrier, utility, and a single cab version. The Troop Carrier which seats up to 10 is fully enclosed. The Utility has a fully armoured crew-type cab that seats up to five, while the Single Cab option seats up to three. The rear chassis of the utility and single-cab variants are available for a variety of payload options.

With SandCat Spear 120mm mortar carrier, Plasan has designed a new light and mobile artillery system that can be used by airborne troops or fast reaction forces offering mobility and firepower. The Spear is a fully autonomous 120mm mortar system with soft-recoil that can be easily integrated into light wheeled tactical vehicles. The mortar is a derivative of the CARDOM battle proven mortar system - more than 1,000 systems extensively used by the US Army, NATO, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and others.

The SPEAR is equipped with computerized aiming and navigation devices, enabling the mortar system to be operated autonomously and aimed without the need for external reference points. SPEAR can be easily integrated with a variety of C4 I or Battle Management Systems (BMS). It can be operated by 2-3 crew members and can be ready to fire in less than 60 seconds.