Russia considers testing unmanned Tigr 4x4 tactical vehicle fitted with 30 mm turret TASS 21905173

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Russia considers testing unmanned Tigr 4x4 tactical vehicle fitted with 30 mm turret
Russia’s Defense Ministry is considering the program of the trials of the Tigr unmanned armored vehicle equipped with the 30mm gun, CEO of Russia’s Military and Industrial Company Alexander Krasovitsky told TASS.

VPK's unmanned Tigre 4x4 tactical vehicle unveiled at Armya 2016 exhibition in Russia
The Military and Industrial Company is the developer of the Tigr unmanned armored vehicle, he added.

"We have received the approval from the Defense Ministry to begin the work and we are doing it. Now, we are developing the test program for the vehicle and coordinating it with the Defense Ministry," Krasovitsky said.

When the program is agreed upon, the company will sign contracts with organizations where the vehicle will be tested, he added.

"Trials are a complicated process that requires considering lots of details for an objective result. It is too early to set the timeframe but we should complete them [the trials] as quickly as possible," Krasovitsky said.

Earlier, the CEO told TASS that the company had developed a remote-controlled version of the Tigr armored vehicle.

The Company VPK has developed the armoured vehicle in conjunction with JSC 766th Department of Engineering and Manufacturing Complement (Russian acronym: UPTK, Upravlenie Proizvodstvenno-Tekhnologicheskoi Komplektacii) as per the Russian Ministry of Defense`s (MoD) order.

The design and the fire control system of the Tigr vehicle’s combat module are similar to that of the Uran-9 robotic system’s automatic remote-controlled combat module with the 30mm gun.


The 2A72 30 mm gun fitted on the unmanned Tigr vehicle
"The RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Station) mounted on the new modification of the Tigr vehicle is unified with the remote controlled turret of the Uran-9 unmanned combat ground vehicle (UCGV) developed by the 766th UPTK. Both modules are armed with a 2A72 automatic cannon chambered for 30x165mm round as the main weapon," said the Director General of VPK, Alexander Krasovitsky. "VPK has become the first defense enterprise in the world to integrate a 30 mm automatic cannon with a lightweight two-axle LUV with a combat weight less than 9 t, while retaining the vehicle`s maneuverability and cross-country capacity.", he added.

The unmanned variant of the Tigr LUV is based on the VPK-233115 Tigr-M SPN Special Purpose Automobile (Russian acronym: ASN, Avtomobil Spetsialnogo Naznacheniya) also developed by the Military Industrial Company.

The vehicle can be used for combat-reconnaissance operations, fire support missions, and convoys. The main armament can destroy light and medium armoured vehicles on the modern battlefield.

The 2A72 30mm automatic cannon can also be used as anti-personnel and anti-armour weapon.

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