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Putin: Operational lessons learned in Syria to be adopted
Russian President Vladimir Putin met on Tuesday with military commanders and high-ranking officials from the defence industry. Among the issues they discussed were the lessons learned from the operations in Syria, the effectiveness of the weapon systems, the problems that troops were faced with and how they would be resolved.
Putin Operational lessons learned in Syria to be adopted
Putin heading the meeting with the military leadership and the defence
industry officials (Photo: Kremlin)

Vladimir Putin stressed to everyone, “effectiveness and high quality of Russian weapons were clearly demonstrated in Syria as well. Aerospace Defence Forces and the Navy showed it in the best way.”

However, he revealed there were certain gaps that need to be addressed properly. “The operation in Syria has revealed some problems and shortcomings as well. A very thorough investigation needs to be carried out on each of them; I mean professional investigation and the most thorough analysis. This will make it possible to adjust the future line of developing and upgrading military equipment.”

He also noted that the induction of modern systems and platforms for the Army and the Navy would reach 50% by the end of this year. He added that in 2015 around 4,000 items of military hardware, including 96 airplanes, 81 helicopters, 152 air-defence system and 291 radars were added to the Armed Forces inventory. This meant that 97% of the orders were carried out successfully.

Vl. Putin regards this yearly meeting as the opportunity to review the previous year’s developments and set the goals for the upcoming one. As he said, there were 200 orders issued of which 150 have been fulfilled, while the rest were on track to meet the deadlines.

An important issue he raised, according to TASS, was the serviceability of the existing equipment. He asked from everyone to raise that level to 92%, without mentioning what the current level is. The Russian President stressed that it is necessary to continuously move forward and to keep up, among other issues, the provision of new equipment to the Army and the Navy.

Vladimir Putin also held a meeting for the future of the aviation industry and the need to develop regional passenger aircraft. He reminded that the large fleet that once available has completed its flight hours. Therefore, what the country needs is to develop a new regional aircraft with a capacity of 50-60 passengers, that would be capable of operating from airports with limited infrastructure, to cover the transportation needs in the Far East, Eastern Siberia and the in between areas.