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CH military drones to be the Chinese most popular product on the international arms market
A number of foreign nations are awaiting delivery of CH military drones, one of China's most popular products on the international arms market reported the China Daily. The series, called Cai Hong, which translates as rainbow, is considered by experts to be among the most lethal. The newest and largest capacity combat drone in the series, the CH-5, is awaiting government approval for export.
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"The total value of the contracts we signed last year could definitely be one of the highest on the international market," says Shi Wen, chief drone designer for the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics in Beijing. He did not reveal an exact figure.

The academy, part of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, is one of the country's largest military drone developers. Its CH drones have been sold to more than 10 countries, and are the largest military drone family that China has exported, Shi says.

The early models, CH-1 and CH-2, are small, unarmed reconnaissance craft that have a proven record in locating and monitoring targets, he says, adding that the CH-3, a larger midrange combat and reconnaissance drone, and the CH-4, a mid-altitude and high-endurance armed drone, have attracted buyers seeking powerful, affordable unmanned combat aircraft.

"Our best-seller so far is the CH-3, but the CH-4 has also received many orders," Shi says. He declined to disclose which countries have purchased the series, revealing only that the academy's most valuable sale was worth hundreds of millions of US dollars.

China Space News reported in January last year that the academy would deliver about 200 CH drones to domestic and foreign users. Western media also cited Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates as buyers.

The first contract to export CH models was signed in 2003 and fulfilled in 2004, when a South Asian country bought several CH-1s, Shi says. Since then, the buyer has become a loyal user and is negotiating the purchase of some CH-4s, he adds.

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