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Brazilian Army receives new EOD robots
The Brazilian Army received the Cobham tEODor and Telemax EOD robots and demonstrated their capabilities in an obstacle course designed by the 2nd Combat Engineering Battalion. The new EOD robots will allow Army engineers and Military Police EOD team in the area of Sao Paulo to neutralize explosives without risking human lives.
Brazilian Army receives new EOD robots
Brazilian Army officers inspecting the Cobham tEODor EOD robot (Photo: Brazilian Army)

Telemax is tEODor’s little brother. With a height of 75 cm, a width of 40 cm and length of 80 mm, it can reach to places that larger robots can’t. Its arm can reach up to 18.2 cm. Telemax features the 2Drive-Technology based on a four-track system chassis, which allows it to climb at angles of up to 45 degrees and overcome obstacles of up to 5 cm. The system is powered by a battery with an autonomy ranging between two and four hours. It is wirelessly controlled by a portable laptop-sized control device.

tEODor (Telerob Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Observation Robot) has been acquired by 41 countries around the world. This type weighs 375 kg. It has a length of 130 cm, a width of 68.5 cm and a height of 124 cm. Its basic equipment includes two drive cameras, one overview camera, one gripper camera, night vision or IR camera and a stereo microphone. The user has the ability to control the robot either wirelessly or through a 200m fibre-optic cable.