Russian army Southern Military District to receive Sani 2S12A 120mm mortar

Russian army Southern Military District motorized infantry large unit based in the Rostov Region in south Russia has received about 20 upgraded Sani 2S12 120mm mortars nicknamed 2S12A, the district’s military press office said.

Russian army Southern Military District to receive Sani 2S12A 120mm mortar 925 003
The Sani 2S12A mortar system consists of one 2B11 120mm mortar carried on URAL-43020 4x4 military truck chassis.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

"During the upgrade, the mortar received a new base plate with a joint that allows adjusting fire quickly without turning the plate," the press office said. "The mortar can fire almost all Russian- and foreign-made mortar bombs with the same caliber," the press office added.

The 2S12A Sani mortar is carried by a new Motovoz-family Ural off-road vehicle with a higher-power diesel engine and an electric winch. The mortar is designed to eliminate the enemy’s manpower and weapons and destroy fortifications.

The 120 mm Sani mortar is designed to engage exposed and covered manpower, weapon systems, and light armoured targets in close tactical area. It is carried by a transport vehicle. According to the specifications of the Sani mortar in the official catalogue of the Rosoboronexport company, the system has a weight of 230 kg in combat position and 360 kg in transport position, a crew of 5 servicemen, a firing range of 480 - 7,100 m, a firing rate up to 10 rounds per minute (in the aimed firing mode) and a combat readiness time of no more than 3 min.

The whole 2S12A mortar carrier systems consists of one 120mm 2B11 mortar, a 2L81 wheeled carriage, and single SPTA kit for mortar and a transport vehicle. The modernized version of the 2S12A is carry at the rear of the URAL-43020 4x4 military truck chassis. 

The mortar demonstrated its effectiveness in the fight against sabotage teams in mountainous terrain during the counter-terrorism operation in the North Caucasus.

Russian army Southern Military District to receive Sani 2S12A 120mm mortar 925 002


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