Russia's armed forces ordered 50 new Bulat 6x6 SBA-60K2 armored personnel carriers

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Russia's armed forces ordered 50 new Bulat 6x6 SBA-60K2 armored personnel carriers
The Russian armed forces have ordered a batch of 50 Bulat SBA-60-K2 6x6 armoured personnel carriers from the russian manufacturer Zashcita. The first 15 are to be delivered before the end of 2015. The Bulat 6x6 is a variant of the BPM-97 Vystrel Kamaz 43269 4x4 armoured vehicle personnel carrier.
Russia armed forces ordered 50 new Bulat 6x6 SBA 60K2 armored personnel carriers 640 001Bulat SBA-60-K2 6x6 armoured personnel carrier
The new Bulat APCs are built on the chassis of KAMAZ 5350 Mustang, a serial military truck which used by the Russian army since 2002. The Bulat 6x6 features an all-welded monocoque steel hull, which is then fitted with proven KAMAZ subsystems including diesel powerpack, drive line, and suspension.

Two V8 turbocharged diesel engines are currently being offered: a EURO 3-compliant diesel developing 240 hp (165 kW); the second is a more powerful EURO 4-compliant diesel developing 280 hp (206 kW). These are both coupled to a manual transmission and transfer case.

Corporation Defence states it will be possible to install a 400 hp diesel and replace the manual transmission with a fully automatic gearbox. The company currently quotes a maximum road speed of up to 90 km/h with the 420 litre (2 x 210 litre) fuel tanks giving a cruising range of around 800 km.

The vehicle is protected under GOST R 50963-96 Level 6 proven against 7.62 mm SVD Dragunov sniper rifle fire.

The Bulat can be fitted with other available options including a satellite-based land navigation system, cameras for 360-degree situational awareness, and additional heating.