KADEX 2018: JSC Semey Engineering introduces new T-72A upgrade package

A new significant upgrade package for the Kazakh Armed Forces fleet of T-72A Main Battle Tanks is being showcased for the first time at KADEX 2018 by the local company JSC Semey Engineering, a subsidiay of Kazakhstan Engineering (KAE).

T 72KAE MBT at KADEX 2018 002
The T-72KAE MBT upgrade package proposed by Semey Engineering and Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering

Completed in cooperation with Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering LLP, this package increases the firepower of the T-72A MBT by providing an effective day and night vision capability. If the firing range at daytime doesn’t change, it has been increased from 2000 to 3500 m in night conditions. In the T-72KAE configuration, the new combat system comprises a FCS thermal sight for the gunner, a CFCS, as well as a new ballistic computer and a target tracking system.

Semey Engineering also replaced the driver’s legacy TPNO-168V and TVNE-4B surveillance device by new thermal imaging camera.

Moreover, the R-123M radio station has been replaced by a digital VHF radio station featuring a frequency range of 30 to 512 MHz and fully compatible with R-123, R-173 and other communication systems.

The T-72KAE now features unmanned close protection capability thanks to the Aselsan Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform (SARP) RCWS added at the rear of the turret, which is operated by the MBT commander. Depending on the operational requirements, SARP can be equipped with 12.7mm machine gun, 40mm automatic grenade launcher or 7.62mm machine gun.

Passive protection of the MBT has been further improved by adding reactive armor on the turret and slat armor on each side of the vehicle.

According to SE representative, the first environmental tests are now completed and will be followed, starting July, with more with more advanced assessments led by the Kazakh military.

Beside cooperation with Aselsan, Semey Engineering is also partnering with the Israel-based Opgal optical sensors manufacturer. The later is proposing its Commander LSA and TPN gunner sight kits to improve Kazakhstan’s T-72A tanks.

T 72KAE MBT at KADEX 2018 001 
The T-72KAE MBT upgrade package includes Aselsan's SARP RCWS