South Korea Special Forces select Dasan Machineries DSAR-15P as future assault rifle

According to an early report by Defense Times editor Ahn Seung-Beom relayed by the Facebook account of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces on June 14, 2020, South Korean Dasan Machineries DSAR-15P assault rifle was selected as the future rifle of the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command.
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South Korean-made DSAR-15P 5.56mm caliber assault rifle. (Picture source Dasan Machineries)

South Korean firearms manufacturer Dasan Machineries was chosen over S&T Motiv (formerly Daewoo Precision Industries), which is the largest firearm manufacturer in South Korea. One of the factors behind Dasan's victory was said to be DAPA's intention to foster the growth of smaller firms. Despite being a smaller firm that S&T, Dasan has exported its products to various countries such as USA, UAE, Finland, and etc.

DSAR-15P is an AR-15 platform which features gas piston operating system and hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel. Dasan Machineries developed the DSAR-15P based on the CAR-816 and other AR-15 platforms.

The DSAR15P is a center-fire, gas-operated, and rotating bolt system assault rifle, chambered in NATO 5.56 x 45. The DAR 15P is an assault rifle designed for the high-end use of law enforcement and military applications. The weapon is available in semi-automatic and select fire configurations.

The DSAR15P features a Picatinny rail mounted on the top of the receiver as well as on each side of the weapon and under the barrel which can be fitted with different types of accessories as panoramic sight, flashlight, laser sights and more.

The DSAR15P is chambered in 5.56x45 mm NATO caliber and uses standard 30 rounds magazine. Three barrel lengths are available including 11.5", 14.5" and 16". It has an overall length of 840 mm with the stock retracted and 920mm with the stock extended. The effective range of the weapons is 350 m.

The DSAR15P is fitted an ambidextrous 3-position safety selector. It features a length adjustable buttstock with 6 positions.