Denel Vehicle Systems discussing RCG30 vehicle-mounted turret with UAE

Denel Vehicle Systems (DVS) is currently discussing with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to conclude a partnership on the RCG30 vehicle-mounted turret project.

Denel Vehicle Systems discussing RCG30 vehicle mounted turret with UAE
RCG30 mounted-turret equipped with a 30mm cannon (Picture Source: Denel Vehicle Systems)

Abri du Plessis, who heads Programmes and Engineering at DVS, recently said that the RCG30 has been equipped to the RG41, an 8x8 armoured vehicle, and sent to the UAE for the country to evaluate.

DVS is presently working with International Golden Group, an Emirati firm, which has reportedly provided funding to assist in the turret development project.

The RCG30 is a 30mm remote combat weapon station that has completed the design phase and is ready to undergo further qualification testing. The turret is similar to the weapons module onboard the Badger, an armoured vehicle South Africa is acquiring, though with a fire control system built by Denel. It has a range of 3,000 meters.

Particularly as the South African defence industry has encountered financial difficulty amid stagnating defence spending domestically, South African firms have looked abroad for partnerships with foreign firms and investment from foreign countries that will help keep them afloat.

The UAE has emerged as a key customer for many South African products, particularly armoured vehicles, and the South African industry has been looking to deepen cooperation with the Gulf country.