Strong Europe Tank Challenge 8 NATO and partner nations compete with tanks in Germany

Army Recognition editorial with its Defense and Security Web TV News channel is at the military camp of Grafenwoehr in Germany to cover the Strong Europe Tank Challenge that consists of 13 competitive events including an obstacle course, a shoot off, the Tanker Olympics, a precision driving course, and offensive and defensive live-fire operations performed by tank units from NATO and partner nations.

Strong Europe Tank Challenge 8 NATO and partner nations compete with tank in Germany 925 001
French soldiers assigned to 1er Régiment de Chasseurs ( 1st Hunter Regiment) participate in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear(CBRN) lane in their Leclerc tank during the Strong Europe Tank Challenge (SETC), at the 7th Army Training Command's Grafenwoehr Training Area, Grafenwoehr, Germany, June 05, 2018.

The U.S. Army Europe and German Army co-host the third Strong Europe Tank Challenge at Grafenwoehr Training Area, from June 3 to 8, 2018. The first challenge was held in 2016, with Germany taking first place. The 2017 challenge saw Austria placing first, with Germany and the U.S. taking second and third, respectively.

This year eight NATO and partner nations are participate in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 including Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the United States. For the first time in this event, United Kingdom and Sweden compete with the best crew of tank units in Europe.

The units who participate at the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 are the Austria’s 6th Tank Company, 14th Panzer Battalion who has the Leopard 2A4; France’s 1er Régiment de Chasseurs, 1st Hunter Regiment who is showcasing the Leclerc; Germany’s 3rd Panzer Battalion who brought the Leopard 2A6; Poland’s 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade who has the Leopard 2A5; Sweden’s Wartofta Tank Company, Skaraborg Regiment who is operating the Stridsvagn 122; Ukraine’s 1st Tank Company, 14th Mechanized Brigade who brought the T-84; the United Kingdom’s Queen’s Royal Hussars who is using the Challenger 2; and the U.S.’s 2nd Battalion, 70th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division who is on the M1A2 SEP V2.

Strong Europe Tank Challenge 8 NATO and partner nations compete with tank in Germany 925 002
Tank platoon from U.S. Army with Abrams M1A2 SEP V2 main battle tank performs Offensive Operation during the Strong Europe Tank Challenge. June 7, 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Strong Europe Tank Challenge is a training event designed to give participating nations a dynamic, productive and fun environment in which to foster military partnerships, form Soldier-level relationships, and share tactics, techniques and procedures.

According to military experts, the Main Battle Tank (MBT) continue to be the backbone of all armed forces in the world, but used with new strategy. With their unique ability to provide a combination of mobility, firepower and protection, MBTs are crucial for defending European territory.

In terms of combat use, many modern main battle tanks has been upgraded to offer more protection against ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) and RPGs threats and equipped with new self-protection systems and remotely weapon station, a real advantage to conduct combat operations in urban area.