Russian Army receives batch of RPK-16 machine guns for operational testing

The Kalashnikov Concern provided to the Russian Defense Ministry a batch of new light RPK-16 machineguns for test operation by the troops, the company said. "The Defense Ministry received in the first quarter of 2018 a batch of new 5.45 mm light RPK machineguns for test operations. Serial production of RPK-16 is expected parallel to AK-12 and AK-15 or right after them," it said.

Field trials of Kalashnikov RPK 16 light machine gun by Russian army 925 001

Kalashnikov RPK-16 5.45mm caliber light machine gun at Army-2017, defense exhibition near Moscow, Russia. (Picture source army Recognition)

Law enforcement agencies and foreign customers displayed interest in the machinegun. Its major advantage is a replaceable barrel. The weapon has dismountable tripod, a magazine for 95 cartridges, a rapidly removable silencer and a transportation cover.

With a short barrel the new machinegun does not differ from an automatic rifle, but its massive construction and heavy barrel ensure better automatic fire at short distances. The long barrel provides high precision at medium and long distances.

The Kalashnikov is creating a new rifle platform on the basis of compact AM-17 and AMB-17. "Work is ongoing to design a prospective platform which began with compact AM-17 and AMB-17," the company said.

The new weapon will use polymeric materials, modern production technologies and will meet ergonomic and operational requirements.

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