Russian western district receives 12 BTR-82AM APC 82206175

Defense & Security News - Russia
Twelve modernized BTR-82AM armored personnel carriers (APC) have been fielded to the Western Military District’s (WMD) military units under State Defense Order over the past week, the WMD press service reported.
"The main distinctive feature of the combat vehicle is a new weapon system consisting of a 7.62mm PKTM machine gun coupled with a 30mm automatic cannon, which has increased the APC’s firepower two and a half times. Removing weapons from the manned compartments of the armored personnel carrier made it possible to increase the under-turret space, improve the gunner’s operational comfort and address the problem of noise and gas contamination of the manned compartments in firing," the press release said.

In addition to the APCs, the WMD’s motor vehicle fleet has been supplemented over the past week by 34 Ural Motovoz-family trucks and 25 KAMAZ Mustang-family trucks.

The modernized BTR-82AM armored personnel carrier markedly outperforms the basic model (BTR-80) in firepower. Whereas the BTR-80 was equipped with only 14.5mm and 7.62mm machine guns, the modernized BTR-82AM is armed with a 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon coupled with a 7.62mm PKTM machine gun in a weapon station. The modernized APC has a digital two-plane armament stabilizer. The BTR-82AM is equipped with a 300hp engine, new generation communication equipment, the R-168 digital radio station, and the Trona-1 topographic orientation system. The BTR-82AM is also fitted with additional interior spall liners for ballistic protection.
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