India to drop Spike antitank missile purchase plan, again

According to the Times of Israel, India may be ready to cancel its planned purchase of Israeli-made anti-tank missiles, once again. New Delhi had planned to place a $500 million deal for the Spike made by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. If true, this is the second time India will have abandoned this deal.

India to drop Spike antitank missile purchase plan again
Firing of a Spike missile by a Belgian army team (Picture source: Rafael/Belgian MoD)

The Israeli government reportedly has been informed of this contract termination. Instead, India will acquire a missile from the state-run Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO). India plans to put this new missile into production within two years.

Israel and India trade some $5 billion annually, with the majority of the deals in arms and diamonds, the Times of Israel reports. Last year, Israel and India signed a $2 billion military arms deal, which includes the supply over several years of medium-range surface-to-air missiles, launchers, and communications technology.