The Netherlands transferred 9 Squire Block II radar systems to Belgium

This transfer is part of the strategic vision of the Information-Cyber-Influence capability dimension and the ISTAR Battalion Battlefield Surveillance Radar Replacement Programme. The remaining Squire radar systems have been upgraded in the past year and will be upgraded in the near future.

The Netherlands transferred nine Squire Block II radar systems to Belgium
Thales Squire radar system (Picture source: Twitter account of Dutch MoD)

Manufactured by Thales, Squire is a man-portable medium-range ground surveillance radar that can detect and classify moving targets on, or close to, the ground at ranges up to 48 km. Deployed worldwide for force protection, reconnaissance and compound protection, it is equally suited for border, coastal and site surveillance, counter-drug, smuggling operations and drone detection. It consists of compact components to be carried in two backpacks. Each weighs less than 23 kg, including batteries, and can, therefore, be easily carried by two persons. The system can be used on a tripod or can be installed on a vehicle or mast

A major challenge is to distinguish between small, slow-flying drones and birds. This is also the reason why Thales Netherlands developed drone classification. Classification is done by analyzing the micro-Doppler data of an object. In this way, the small rotors of a drone can be detected indicating the detected object is a drone. The system is equipped with an TCP/IP network interface enabling remote operation.

Because of its low maximum power output (1W maximum), the Squire is a very safe radar concerning the effects of RF radiation energy. There is no radiation danger for persons, even in the direct vicinity of the system.