Rafael Company has performed firing tests of Spike SR precision guided missile

In a recent series of tests in the Negev Desert in southern Israel, Israeli Defense Company RAFAEL demonstrated the SPIKE SR (Short Range) Precision guided missile, proving its unique lethal capability.

Rafael Company has performed firing tests of Spike SR precision guided missile 925 001
Weighing only 10kg, SPIKE SR features unique capabilities, including increased lethality and a 2000m standoff range. (Picture source Rafael)

The SPIKE SR is an electro-optical guided missile designed for shoulder launch by infantry. It is the smallest and lightest variant of the SPIKE Missile family, weighing only 10 kg, in use today by several nations, including within NATO.

The entire SPIKE Family is now operational in 34 nations, with more than 33,000 rounds produced and supplied, and as many as 45 different platforms integrated, including attack helicopters, ground vehicles, marine vessels and more.

SPIKE SR was designed for the maneuvering forces, allowing standoff engagement ranges of 2000 meters, formerly covered only by heavier ATGM's. Designed as a portable, fully disposable munition the SPIKE SR carries a powerful High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) warhead, joined with a frontal precursor for clearing of ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) tiles

During the demonstration, operators hit targets located 2000 meters away, presenting both a great standoff range to enhance the survivability of maneuvering infantry, as well as lethality, with impressive armor penetration results.

Mr. Gal Papier, director of marketing and business development at Rafael's Precision Tactical Weapon Systems directorate: "We are very proud of this small missile, which proved to be as lethal as other large caliber missiles, with great agility for the warfighter due to its lightweight, as well as its ability to act rapidly within six seconds from cold start, engaging fast-moving targets, highly-demanded capabilities in today's warfare".