Russian Ratnik 3rd generation to be integrated with robotic systems and UAVs

The Ratnik advanced gear of the 3rd generation is to integrated with portable robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles to provide ground forces with more information on the battlefield. Complexes under development will be made up ultralight and durable materials. Besides, exoskeletons introduced into equipment sets will increase physical capabilities of the military.

Russian Ratnik 3rd generation to be integrated with robotic systems and UAVs
Ratnik equipment displayed at AAD 2016 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In addition, an electronic module has already been developed and manufactured for assessing the functional state of a serviceman. This module can monitor human physiological parameters: heart rate and respiration, pulse characteristics of the vascular system, blood pressure, etc. In the near future it will be tested in the Land Forces. Units equipped with 3rd generation combat equipment will have independence, autonomy and self-sufficiency to perform various combat tasks, including integration into reconnaissance and fire complexes.

Ratnik is the Russian military equipment also referred to as "a set for soldiers of the future". "Warrior" is part of the comprehensive project aimed to improve the quality of an individual soldier on the battlefield by using the latest scientific advances in navigation, night vision systems, monitoring the psycho-physiological state of the soldier, using new materials in the manufacture of armor and clothing fabrics. The system is made up of modern means of protection.

In fact, Ratnik is a Russian infantry combat system similar to the French Future Soldier System FELIN. It is designed to improve the connectivity and combat effectiveness of the Russian army. Improvements include modernized body armor, helmet with special monitor (eye monitor, thermal, night vision monocular, flashlight), systems of communication and special headphones. The Russian Defense Ministry announced the mass purchase of Russian-made designed future soldier gear Ratnik in 2014. In September 2015, according a statement released by Russian news agency, the Russian armed forces were to receive the latest version of the Ratnik. More than 80,000 soldiers in the Russian army are equipped with the Ratnik-2. In September 2018, Russia started the development of the third generation Ratnik infantry combat system. Developments are scheduled to integrate various biomechanical tools, including an exoskeleton.