Russia is developing new 2S38 anti-aircraft system on BMP-3 chassis

Russia is developing a new generation of anti-aircraft artillery systems capable of taking out a wide array of aerial, ground and naval targets. The 2S38 is based on the chassis of a BMP-3.

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The prototype can be seen on the right (Picture source: )

A visit of by a high-ranking Russian official to a military arms plant has ended up with eagle-eyed bloggers catching sight of an experimental 2S38 self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery system. The 2S38 is a 57mm mobile system capable of engaging a wide array of aerial targets by using passive reconnaissance and target tracking gear. Mounted on the BMP-3 amphibious armored vehicle, the 2S38 is designed to shoot down UAVs, cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, tactical warplanes and air support helicopters.

The 2S38’s system of optical and electronic target acquisition developed in Minsk, Belarus, ensures a 360-degree observation. The system can spot an A-10 ground attack plane 6.4 kilometers (almost 4 miles) away. With sectoral observation engaged, it can “see” the aircraft at a distance of over 12 kilometers (over 7 miles). The self-propelled anti-aircraft gun can also defend against multiple rocket launcher fire and destroy ground targets and ships. Its cannon is fast enough to shoot down targets flying up to 500 meters (1,640 feet) a second.