IDEX 2021: Russia presents its new Antey-4000 mobile air defense missile system

Russian Company Almaz-Antey presents its latest generation of mobile air defense missile system at IDEX 2021, the Antey-4000 which is an export version of the S-300V4, designed to destroy short-medium range ballistic missile, cruise missiles, fixed-wing aircraft, as well as loitering ECM (electronic counter-measure) platforms and precision-guided munitions.

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Scale models of Russian-made Antey-4000 air defense missile system at IDEX 2021, International Land Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The S-300V4 is an advanced highly mobile air defense missile system designated to protect vital military and administrative facilities and groupings of forces against strikes by ballistic and aerodynamic air attack weapons. This is the fourth version of the upgraded S-300V battlefield anti-aircraft missile system.

S-300V4 missile has a maximum firing range of 400 km at Mach 7.5 or a range of 350 km at Mach 9 and can destroy maneuvering targets even at very high altitudes. It is reportedly capable of targeting AWACS aircraft at very large distances.

The new Antey-4000 air defense missile system offers new combat capabilities in terms of firing range and altitude and the ability to defeat high-speed aerial targets.

At IDEX 2021, Russia has displayed scale models of Antey-4000 battery which consists of one 9A83M-2E launcher unit, one 9A84M-1E launcher-loader, multi-channel missile guidance radar, surveillance radar, and command post.

The Antey-4000 tactical and technical characteristics allow the system to be used for air defense of the most important administrative, industrial and military facilities. According to Russian military sources, the Antey-4000 has a maximum firing range of 400 km.

Like the previous version of the S-300V, all the vehicle of the Antey-4000 is based on tracked chassis offering high-level of mobility in all-terrain conditions.