IDEX 2019: Zala Aero presents its KUB kamikaze drone

Kalashnikov concern and ZALA AERO GROUP introduce new smart weapon – unmanned combat aerial system «KYB-UAV» at International defence exhibition “IDEX 2019” stand A2-036 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

idex 2019 zala aero new kamikaze uav kub

The loitering ammunition KUB-UAV «KYB-UAV» precisely hits ground targets, delivering specific payload to target coordinates. The target coordinates are specified manually or acquired from payload targeting image. The KUB has a flight speed of 80 to 130 km/h, an endurance of 30 min and have a maximum payload of 3 kg.

The key advantages of the system are: High precision, Hidden launch, Silent operation, Simple to operate .The UCAS «KYB-UAV» has successfully completed tests.