IDEX 2019: Rostec displayed mockup of AU-220M 57mm gun on IFV

One of the main exhibits of Rostec State Corporation at IDEX-2019 was the 57mm gun which can be mounted on aircraft. The designer is the Burevestnik Central Research Institute of Uralvagonzavod, Rostec said: "The AU-220M combat module is an artillery gun which can be integrated into any platform, including assault aircraft and warships".

IDEX 2019 Rostec displayed mockup of AU 220M 57mm gun
AU-220M combat module on BMP-3 chassis, the main armament being a 57mm gun (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Burevestnik has accumulated experience to create 57mm weapons for the Russian ground forces, airborne troops, air forces and the navy. It comprises a unified combat module on various ground platforms, aircraft and warships.

The unmanned artillery gun is a remotely-controlled 360-degree traversing combat system. Besides 57mm gun, it is armed with 7.62mm machinegun and control system to detect targets.