IDEX 2019 : Lacroix world leader in self-protection smoke solution for battlefield operations

Lacroix was specially showcasing the Galix AOS (Automated Obscuration System). Using 360° Immersive Demo Goggles, the visitors enjoyed a live realistic experience of Lacroix' s latest self-protection smoke solution for battlefield operations.

Lacroix world leader in self protection smoke solution for battlefield operations IDEX 2019 001
Lacroix booth at IDEX 2019, International Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi , UAE. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Lacroix is one of the few defense countermeasures and pyrotechnic systems manufacturers in the world. The 26th edition of Eurosatory took on new significance as the family-owned group, which has been exhibiting since the trade fair’s debut, is celebrating its 170th anniversary and showcasing numerous innovations and concepts with originality. Lacroix also spotlighted its new realistic training systems (REPY).

In partnership with GIAT industries, Lacroix developed the Galix vehicle self-protection system with a smoke masking capability in the visible and infrared (IR) domains for protection against hostiles. Galix currently equips over 15,000 platforms (armored and non-armored) in France and abroad. Its recognized capabilities led it to be chosen by France to equip the Scorpion program (Jaguar and Griffon). The system consists of a coupled launcher suite providing 360° protection. One of the strengths of Galix munitions resides in its deployment of instant protection (< 1sec) and its masking duration. The Galix offer was completed in recent years with a “semi-automatic” and “automatic reaction” capacity.

At system level, the Galix Automatic Obscurant System (AOS) can be installed on all types of platform, man-turret, remote control weapons stations (RCWS) or any tailored made combination request by the end-user and protect up to 360°. It can be fully integrated with the vehicle BMS and triggered manually or fully automatically. It can be connected to a Global Position System (GPS), Meteorological sensor (MET) and can provide maneuvering recommendation tactics through specific displays. The Galix AOS can be connected with other features such as a laser warning sensor suite, “real-time” threat monitoring for small arm fires with acoustic gunshot detector.

The recent selection of Galix to protect the most modern French Army platforms (Scorpion program) demonstrates its performance level. Galix is deployed worldwide to protect all types of land platforms (MBT, AMV, APC, LAV, etc.). The Galix self-protection system is installed on every UAE Land Force armored vehicle. Lacroix' s latest generation of self-protection suite - from detection to reaction - is displayed on the new Ajban 447A vehicle at NIMR' s booth.

Through the EDS (Emirates Defence Services, established in 2015) joint venture, Lacroix and its local partner, Emirates defence Technology, have signed their first maintenance contracts. EDS is currently providing global services and maintenance of Lacroix's products as well as a range of defence related services and solutions across the region.

Lacroix world leader in self protection smoke solution for battlefield operations IDEX 2019 003
LacroixSylena MK2 decoy launching system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

 Sylena for navies

Concerning the naval programs in the MENA area, Lacroix is showcasing its cutting-edge Sylena MK2 decoy launching system, which ensures superior platform protection against missiles and torpedoes. Recent technological developments have significantly increased the credibility and effectiveness of countermeasures to defeat the newest generation of threats. Several MENA Navies (Oman, Egypt, etc.) are already operating the SYLENA solution.

Lacroix world leader in self protection smoke solution for battlefield operations IDEX 2019 002
Lacroix Realistic training simulation.  (Picture source: Army Recognition)

 Realistic training simulation

Lacroix also showcases for the very first time its new realistic training system (REPY) at an international tradeshow. This concept was unveiled during Eurosatory 2018. Lacroix’s dispensers and ammunition are equipping the French combat training centers (CTC) and be included as a component of the CENTAURE and CERBERE programs. This new range is now mature for international markets, and should particularly meet the needs of UAE Land Forces for CTC.

Other activities

Lacroix’s team is ready to discuss the company's advanced solutions in airborne countermeasures (combat jets, helicopters, large transport aircraft, etc.) and security & crowd control devices.