IDEX 2019: Al Jasoor Heavy Vehicle ARMA 8x8 armored for UAE Army

During IDEX 2019, the International Defense Exhibition in abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates has announced a contract with the Company Al Jasoor Heavy Vehicle, a joint venture between Heavy Vehicles industries (HVI) and Otokar Land systems UAE, for the purchase of ARMA 8x8 armored vehicles for an amount of US $661 million.

Al Jasoor Heavy Vehicle will deliver more ARMA 8x8 armored vehicle to UAE Army 925 001
OTOKAR ARMA 8x8 armored vehicle at IDEF defense exhibition in Turkey. May 2017. (Picture source Army Recognition)

At IDEX 2019, the Rabdan IFV was showed on the booth Al Jasoor Heavy Vehicle, which is a a further development of the ARMA 8x8, fitted with a Russian-made two-man turret armed with a 100 mm 2A70 gun, a 30 mm 2A72 coaxial cannon and a 7.62 mm PKT coaxial machine gun. This turret is also mounted on the Russian-made BMP-3 tracked IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).

The ARMA 8x8 is a new generation modular multirole wheeled armored vehicle with superior tactical and technical features designed and manufactured by the Turkish Company Otokar.

The Otokar ARMA 8×8 integrates an armored monocoque V-shaped steel hull, offering a low silhouette and large internal volume. The modular design enables the vehicle to be configured for a full range of missions and can be fitted with different types of armament and weapon stations.

The Arma 8x8 can accommodate 12 military personnel including driver and commander. Basic monocoque type body and double wall V-shaped hull structure provide exceptional protection to the crew against ballistic and mine threats. Modular armor kits providing different ballistic protection can be mounted rapidly to bolt on armor and additional protection against higher threats can be provided optionally.