Koza presents its turnkey military projects at IDEF 2017 71705171

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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Koza at IDEF 2017
Koza presents its turnkey military projects at IDEF 2017
At IDEF 2017, the Turkish company Koza Construction & Defence Industry presents its wide range of military projects and products. Established in 1991 in Istanbul (Turkey), Koza plans and designs construction and installation for turnkey military projects for all purposes such as training facilities, urban training centres and shooting ranges.
Koza at idef 003 Some of Koza's turnkey military projects
(Credit: Army Recognition)

Koza's team of professionals are highly experienced in providing turnkey military training centre projects. The company's engineers, architects and construction staff develop training centres according to the client's budget and type of training being performed. Thus, Koza's military training centres offer many options for amenities, such as buildings specifically to perform shooting training areas, protection and dormitory buildings, obstacle course area and so on.

Among Koza's technology presented at IDEF 2017 there is the Tank Target Mechanism TG 82-40, which is a mechanical device that uses a hydraulic ram to raise and lower a large target board. The target can be shaped and/or painted to represent the profile of military vehicles, tanks, helicopters or other large objects. The mechanism is controlled by radio or computer, allowing remote programming of performance and feedback of shooting performance. Manual control is also possible. Finally, hit detection is recorded by a state-of-the-art piezo-electric sensor, which ensures optimum hit detection and filters out false hits from debris, splinters, etc.
Koza at idef 002 Koza's tank shooting range project in Azerbaijan
(Credit: Army Recognition)

Based in Istanbul, Koza Construction & Defence Industry is growing internationally at a fast pace with branches in Doha (Qatar), Baku (Azerbaijan) and London (UK). Currently, one of the biggest facility in Europe and Asia will be done in Azerbaijan.