New GAM-10X family of anti-tank missiles disclosed at IDEAS 2016

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IDEAS 2016
9th International Defence Exhibition & Seminar

22 to 25 November 2016
Karachi , Pakistan
Poly Defence at IDEAS 2016
New GAM-10X family of anti-tank missiles disclosed at IDEAS 2016
At IDEAS 2016, Poly Defence is showcasing for the first time a new family of ground based anti-tank missile systems baptised GAM-10X and currently composed of two members, the GAM-100 short range ATM and the GAM-102 medium range ATM.
The GAM-100 short range anti tank missile showcased at IDEAS 2016
The GAM-100 and 102 were designed to counter the threat of armored vehicles and fortifications in a maximum range of respectively 2500 meters and 4000 meters. Both systems use high performance uncooled inferred component and self-developed IR core ship, which, according to Poly Defence, significantly decreases the warm up period. Poly’s GAM-10X trajectory can be selected between overhead and direct attack, depending on target type. Both variants adopt a large array long wave uncooled IR imaging homing seeker.

The GAM-100 short range missile variant has a length of 1200 mm for a weight of 13 kg. The missile has a maximum speed of 170 m/s. The individual shoulder and soft launch permit firing from a fighting position or confined spaces. It features a tandem shaped charge which allows a penetration depth of 800 mm. The whole system is composed of a GAM-100 anti-tank missile, a launch tube assembly and a command launch unit.

The GAM-102 missile’s modular design allows for integration and installation on a variety of vehicle platforms, from light all-terrain vehicle (L-ATV) to tracked IFV. The missile adopts high explosive tandem charged armor penetration warhead able to realize about 1000 mm penetration depth. The vehicle launched version needs one commander, one driver and one missile operator. Up to 16 missiles can be carried in each vehicle. A GAM-102 system comprises the missile, a launch tube assembly, a launch control system, an E/O radar, and a servo system.

New GAM 10X family of anti tank missiles dsclosed at IDEAS 2016 002GAM-100 missile's launcher at IDEAS 2016