GDA 2019: Cetena and Fincantieri display MANTA, Multipurpose Advanced Networked Training Architecture

Cetena with Fincantieri is at GDA2019, Gulf Defence and Aerospace exhibition held in Koweit , presenting MANTA (Multipurpose Advanced Networked Training Architecture). MANTA is a complete suite of products in continous evolution to develop advanced Naval Training solutions (from desktop to Full mission).

GDA 2019 Cetena and Fincantieri display MANTA Multipurpose Advanced Networked Training Architecture
MANTA showcased at GDA 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The simulation architecture covers everything from large and crowded scenarios with joint operations among many entities controlled by human or artificial intelligence, to single unit operations involving vessel conduction, engine management, sub-systems and procedural training.MANTA integrates different training methods and tools in a common scenario to meet advanced training needs, for task oriented team cooperation, coordination and human behaviour analysis in realistic stressful situations.

Training tools: Full mission naval simulation• Training manager• Serious Games• Computer Based Training (CBT)• Tactical Naval Trainer • Fast boat simulation• Small arms firing simulation• 3D Databases• Unclassified Combat System• Standard simulation protocols• Virtual prototyping• Communication systems

Operations: Ship handling• Usage of devices• Search and Rescue (S.A.R.)• Anti-piracy• Anti-smuggling• Harbour defence• A2/AD• Procedure training• Tactical training• Towing• Replenishment at sea (RAS)• Joint Operations• Combat training• Port assessment• Simulation Based Design• Mooring

Manta is developed for military and civilian market in the fields of simulation, training and in the product value chain.Extremely effective in R&D as well as in the complete life cycle of the product.

• simulation and training
• port assessments
• test bed
• virtual prototyping
• product life cycle support
• human behaviour analysis
• risk assessment
• integrated system effectiveness testing
• definition and tuning of operative procedures
• planning and analysis of dangerous activities

MANTA is a resilient ecosystem of a suite of products in continuous evolution, catering to customer and market needs.COTS hardware and standard interfaces make the framework adaptable to any need and any future technological upgrades.It supports the latest VR HMI, articulated viewing systems, moving platforms and real devices integration fully satisfying customer requirements