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Welp Armouring's tactical and special operations vehicles

Today police units and law enforcement agencies are facing to increasing threats such as terrorism, bomb attacks, heavy weapons. That’s the reason why Welp Armouring, a German developer and producer of armored vehicles, developed a whole range of Tactical vehicles meeting the new needs of Police missions.

Welp Armouring German Police 925 001A Welp Armouring F2-TLC700 Police vehicle based on the Toyota Land Cruiser (Credit Welp Armouring)

Welp Armouring developed and designed specific armoured vehicles designed to support in their missions and to protect Police, SWAT and Special Forces units. The Welp Armoring vehicles are in use in different governmental organization in Germany and abroad: Special Forces Saxony, Police Saxony, German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Justice, aid organizations and many more customer groups.

For special deployments, the German company offers an array of armoured vehicles ranging from pickups to SUVs, such as: the F2-TLC700 & F2-TLC900 based on the Toyota Land Cruiser V8, the F2-LXC700 & F2-LXC900 the Lexus LX570 and the F62-NPC700 based on the Nissan Patrol Y62. These reliable commercial vehicles offer excellent dynamic comportment and offroad performance.

These armoured vehicles have been successfully certified to VPAM VR7 / BRV2009 and VPAM VR9 / BRV2009 and STANAG 4569 Level 2a standards. Each vehicle can be customised for specific usage – whether for tactical, defensive or reconnaissance use.

Welp Armouring German Police 925 004A Mercedes Sprinter Police vehice customised and equipped by Welp Armouring (Credit Welp Armouring)

Welp Armouring propose specific accessories and options to meet the different units mission requirements.

These options include gun ports, wireless systems, surveillance systems, emergency exits, protective shields and tactical lighting systems. One particularly innovative feature is the inclusion of leg protection inside the vehicle’s doors. This occupant protection measure, comprising slatted armoured plating, acts as a protective shield during operations.

Welp Armoring is one of the leading developer and producer in the field of armored cars. Developed on the basis of the highest automotive production standards, WELP Armouring offers solutions meeting the highest certifications standard at the world. Its range of armored vehicles includes SUVs, pickups, vans and commercial vehicles for any mission in any environment around the world.

Welp Armouring Leg Protection System 925 002One of the innovative feature developed by Welp is the inclusion of leg protection inside the vehicle’s doors (Credit Welp Armouring)

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