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Upgraded version of DT-10PM all-terrain vehicle in service with Russian army

The Russian Defense Ministry military agency has adopted a shipment of upgraded DT-10PM Vityaz transporters for service under the state defense order, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Upgraded version of DT 10PM all terrain vehicle in service with Russian army 925 001
All-Terrain tracked vehicle DT-10PM in live demonstration during a defense exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. (Picture source )

"Ten transporters have been dispatched from a defense enterprise to the troops," it said.

DT-10PM Vityaz transporters are designed to transport special cargoes on difficult roads and in harsh climatic conditions. The vehicle’s design opens up broad opportunities for modification and makes it possible to use universal chassis for mounting various technological and specialized equipment. The transporter’s running gear ensures high cross-country capability and weak pressure on the soil.

The Vityaz transporters move on broad caterpillars, which prevent the vehicle from sticking in soft soil. A special suspension enables it to move smoothly. The DT-10PM transporters have been designed for operation in temperatures from minus 50 to plus 45 degrees Celsius. They are capable of developing a speed of up to 45 km on the ground and up to 5 km/h on the water surface. The vehicle can cross water barriers without any special preparation. In its standard configuration, the transporter can ride up to 700 km without refueling.


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