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Ukraine has started serial production of Atlet BREM-84 armored recovery vehicle

Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau member of Ukroboronprom, the State Company for arms export in Ukraine, has started the serial production of its tracked armored recovery and repair vehicles (BREM) nicknamed Atlet or BREM-84. The Atlet was designed by Ukrainian Company Kharkiv-Morozov Design Bureau to perform evacuation operations and repair works in field conditions.

Ukraine has started serial production of Atlet BREM 84 armored recovery vehicle 925 001
The Atlet BREM-84 is a tracked armoured recovery vehicle based on the chassis of the main battle tank Oplot.  (Picture source Ukroboronprom)

The Atlet tracked armoured recovery vehicle also named BREM-84 is based on a modified chassis of the Oplot main battle tank. The original turret is removed and replaced by a crane on rotary platform mounted to the right side of the hull. The rear part of the hull has been raised to carry recovery equipment inside of the vehicle.

The Atlet is also equipped with main mechanical winch with 130 m of cable which has a capacity of 25 tones but using snatch blocks this can be increased to 140 tones. An auxiliary winch is also provided with 260 m of cable and a traction force of 900 kg. The rear top part of the hull has a special cargo platform that can be used to transport spare engine, gearboxes, spare parts, cargo, additional fuel or other equipment with a maximum payload of 1,500 Kg.

Standard equipment of the Atlet BREM-84 also includes a welding machine and other equipment, allowing to carry out a wide range of works on restoring combat capability of armored vehicles in field conditions. Mounted at the front of the hull is a hydraulically operated blade. This can be used as a dozer blade or an anchor blade when the winch or crane is being used.

The Atlet has a crew of four which consists of the commander, mechanic/driver, fitter and wedger/rigger. For its self-protection, the Atlet is armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted at the front of commander hatch.

According to a contract signed with Thailand in 2012, Ukraine had to deliver 49 Oplot main battle tank and two Atlet armoured recovery vehicles.


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