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Ukraine has started development of new BMP-U tracked armored IFV

Ukrainian State Defense Company Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau has started the development of a new generation of tracked armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) under the name of BMP-U that could be enter in service with the Ukrainian army in 2020. The design of the new BMP-U seems very similar to the Russian-made Kurganets-25 IFV.

Ukraine has started development of new BMP U tracked armored IFV 925 001
Drawing of the new BMP-U tracked armored IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle that will be designed by the Ukrainian Company Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau (Picture source Ukroboronprom)

The designers and engineers of Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau are focusing on BMP-U development, to design a new IFV able to replace old Soviet-made BMP-1 and BMP-2 IFVs . According to the Company, the first prototype of the BMP-U could be manufactured and tested during the year of 2019.

The BMP-U will based on a tracked chassis motorized with a Diesel engine developing 735 hp coupled to an automatic transmission offering high level maneuverability. The vehicle will have a weight from 25 to 27 tons. The BMP-U will be full amphibious propelled in the water by its tracks.

The BMP-U has been designed to be used first as IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) with a crew of three including driver, commander and gunner. The rear part of the vehicle can accommodate seven infantrymen. According to the designers, the BMP-U will offer 10 to 12% more protection than the wheeled armored vehicle BTR-4 which is protected against firing of small arms 7.62mm AP (Armour Piercing) caliber and artillery shell splinters, Level 2 STANAG 4569.

The BMP-U will be fitted with the new combat turret BM-8 armed with one 30 automatic cannon, one 7.62mm coaxial machine and two launchers for the anti-tank guided missile Barrier mounted on the right side of the turret. One bank of five grenade dischargers is mounted on each at the front of the turret.

The BMP-U chassis will be used as universal platform to design a whole family of tracked armoured vehicles as command post, engineer, medical or recovery vehicles.

Ukraine has started development of new BMP U tracked armored IFV 925 002

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