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Typhoon-M anti-sabotage vehicle for Russian Strategic Missile Forces

Russian Strategic Missile Forces are receiving Typhoon-M also called BPDM 15TM56M counter-sabotage measures and protection of mobile strategic missile systems to guard RS-24 Yars mobile nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. They are supplied to all formations rearmed with the modern weapon, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Typhoon M anti sabotage vehicle for Russian Strategic Missile Forces 925 001
Typhoon-M BPDM counter-sabotage vehicle to protect YARS RS-24 ballistic missile (Picture source Army Recognition)

"The vehicles are unique as they are equipped with the latest reconnaissance means, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles to detect and monitor the adversary at various distances. Typhoon-M will continue to be supplied as the strategic forces are rearmed with RS-24 Yars," it said.

The first Typhoon-M also called BPDM 15TS56M vehicle was delivered in 2013 to Serpukhov branch of the Military Academy of Strategic Missile Forces. The BPDM was developed by NPO Strela and VPK (Arzamas AMZ) companies.

The Typhoon-M was especially developed for the Russian Strategic Missile Forces based on the BTR-82 armored personnel carrier 'APC) chassis.. It controls positional areas of the forces using radar, optical and infrared bands and is able to destroy subversion and reconnaissance groups of the enemy.

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