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TOS-2 new concept of Heavy Flamethrower System based on Armata platform

New concept of Russian-made Heavy Flamethrower System based on Armata tracked chassis platform released on the Twitter account of, dubbed TOS-2. The TOS is a family of 220mm 30-barrel TOS-1 or 24-barrel TOS-1A multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 Main Battle Tank (MBT) chassis.

TOS 2 Heavy Flamethrower System based on Armata platform 925 001
New concept of Russian-made Heavy Flamethrower System dubbed TOS-2 based on Armata universal tracked platform. (Picture source Twitter account RussianDefence)

According to the picture published on the Twitter account of, Russia could developed a new TOS system based on the Armata universal combat platform under the name of TOS-2. The original turret of the T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank (MBT) is removed and replaced by a rocket launcher system that seems similar to the TOS-1A.

The armament of the TOS-1A consists of a block launcher with 24 guide pipes of 220 mm caliber with 3,725 m length for launching unguided missile. The whole system is mounted on centre of a T-72 tracked armoured chassis. The missile block launcher unit is fitted on a mobile platform which can be rotated on 360°. Depending on target, the firing could be conducted by single or double shots from two barrels. Launching control of unguided missiles is fully automatic.

The TOS-2 seems to have a crew of three located at the front of the hull. As for the T-14, front and sides of the tracked chassis is fitted with reactive armor and the back has slat armor to increase protection against anti-tank RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) attacks.

The launch of the rockets is controlled by an advanced fire control system that includes a ballistic data computer, equipment used for observation for the commander and a rangefinder, and a control panel. The fire control system enhances the target acquisition and detection capability.

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